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Successful digital evolution is the key to success in all industries. We accompany our customers in this multi-layered process. From culture and consulting, through business process innovation, to technological implementation and change.


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isolutions - the Microsoft One-Stop-Shop in Switzerland

As a leading Microsoft partner in Switzerland, we create digital working environments for our customers that foster creativity, enable intelligent collaboration and create positive customer experiences.

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Awards and Certifications

Gewinner Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022 mit CEO Microsoft
Gewinner vom Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2019
Drei Microsoft Award Pokale nebeneinander aufgereiht
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Through profound expert knowledge and a large practical experience, we could already win several awards from Microsoft:

  • Business Applications
  • Data & AI
  • Digital & App Innovation
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Modern Work


Modern Work Advanced Specializations

  • User Adoption & Change Management
  • Calling for Microsoft Teams
  • Custom Solutions for Microsoft Teams
  • Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams
  • Teamwork Deployment
  • Endpoint Modernization
Security Advanced Specializations
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Microsoft Information Protection and Governance

Azure Advanced Specializations

  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
Business Applications Specializations
  • Low Code Applications Development


  • 2022 Partner of the Year «Swiss Business Applications»
  • 2020 Partner of the Year «Modern Work & Security»
  • 2017 Partner of the Year «CRM»
  • 2014 Partner of the Year «CRM»
  • 2013 Partner of the Year «CRM»


  • 2019 Country Partner of the Year



ISO 9001 & 27001 Certification

Through our continuous efforts to meet and improve ISO 9001 and 27001 standards, we offer our customers and business partners the highest level of security and trust.

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swiss made software

The award of the quality label «swiss made software» goes to Swiss ICT providers who pay attention to digital sovereignty. The focus is on high-quality Swiss ICT products and values such as quality, innovation and precision in software development. Swiss made software operates the largest network of Swiss ICT companies.

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Success Stories

Read more about our Success Stories

The Modern Workplace as an Enabler for Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

The complete infrastructure of Well Gesundheit AG was set up in less than four weeks. In combination with the introduction of Workplace as a Service, the start-up benefits from operational relief and faster growth.

More flexibility in diabetes research thanks to Azure and Workplace as a Service

The IT infrastructure of the Diabetes Center Berne (DCB) could no longer meet the growing requirements. Due to the dynamic development in the research projects and the fluctuating personnel resources, the DCB is dependent on high scalability and more flexibility.

Digital and modern Exam Management: Automation, Flexibility and increased Efficiency has modernized its exam management with the isolutions Education Framework. now handles its entire exam management in an efficient, digital system. The solution offers numerous advantages.

Modern workplace without internal IT specialists

The IT of LOWA Schuhe AG was no longer able to meet the requirements of daily business, and failures occurred even at low workloads. By migrating to the cloud, LOWA can now manage without any internal IT specialists.

Thanks to new application to reduction of numerous additional efforts

As the processes led to numerous additional efforts, SalutaCoach decided to implement a new application that would help simplify communication, planning and surveys.

Support and Project Manager for successful Evaluation Process

Together with EXPERTsuisse, isolutions develops their requirements for a new member and education management tool. isolutions supports the process and provides a project manager.

New Contact Center Solution for a Modern Workplace with more Scalability and Flexibility

A modern workplace for Swissgrid with Microsoft Office 365, Teams telephony and a new contact center solution for more scalability, cost overview and flexibility.

Thanks to interactive Conversations increased Sales Opportunities

Lusee makes consulting meetings interactive. isolutions supported them in software development and helped to further develop the application and bring it to market.

Lower Licenses Costs with Microsoft Teams Telephony

Due to the new IT communication strategy 2022-2026, the use of Cisco was switched to Microsoft Teams. This makes collaboration more efficient and saves licensing costs.

International Business driven by Introduction of Microsoft D365

In order to be able to manage and plan its international business with around 1,500 partners more efficiently, V-ZUG has switched to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Employee Experience 2.0 - Leading Innovation BOBST Life Program for 5'000 Employees

A powerful collaboration platform as well as location-independent collaboration is of high importance for BOBST. Therefore, BOBST decided to transform to the cloud and Microsoft 365.

With the Introduction of M365 to the Company Culture Booster

In order to standardize the heterogeneously used work tools and improve collaboration, the Securitas Group opted for a cloud-based solution and the introduction of Microsoft 365.

Digital Identity, M365 Toolkit and better enterprise-wide Communications

75% of employees did not have access to collaboration tools. To improve collaboration, Migros chose Microsoft Teams, Yammer and a new intranet based on SharePoint Online.

Increased Efficiency and fewer Excel Lists thanks to Microsoft D365

In order to reduce the effort and Excel-based documents, Rotpunkt-Pharma has opted for a digital solution. Using Microsoft D365, the efficiency of work processes has increased by 20% and employee satisfaction is visibly higher thanks to digital processes.

New Web Application leads to 80% higher Data Quality

Data used to be collected through various tools and Excel lists, but today efficiency has increased thanks to unification in one collection tool. The new framework allows easier connectivity, is device and location independent, and reduces effort.

Future Workplace with M365 Suite rolled out to 6'500 Employees

Finding, editing and saving documents was cumbersome at the AMAG Group and the IT was heterogeneous with different solutions. To increase and improve collaboration, it therefore decided to introduce Microsoft 365.

Efficiency Increase of the Innovation Promotion Process thanks to individual Solution «Innolink»

To foce the digitalization, the individual solution «Innolink» needs to be expanded to a platform in order to build a scalable, cloud-based and modern digital solution.

Successful Introduction of the digital Workplace thanks to User Adoption for 1'200 Employees

The cloud migration enables KIBAG to introduce a digital workplace and a modern collaboration platform to improve collaboration internally and with external parties.

From successful Cloud Transformation to secure and reliable Operation

After successful cloud transformation, Gartenmann Engineering had higher productivity and efficiency. For further support, they opted for «Workplace as a Service» and «Azure Operations as a Service».

Increased Security in Operations thanks to Migration to the Cloud and M365

Rega has migrated services from on-premise to Azure and Office 365 to ensure the operation and support of cloud services. isolutions ensures the operation, maintenance and support of the M365 and Azure solutions.

Digitization of Processes for improved Planning and as an Innovation Driver

Migration to the cloud to optimize the digitization of infrastructure and processes. And to be able to invest in future innovations.

Despite strong Regulations with Flex-Client to modern Workplace and Innovation Drive

Companies that are in a highly regulated area of activity often have to deal with more hurdles for modern collaboration. Nevertheless, the need to be able to work flexibly with external partners is also increasing in these companies, for example in the financial sector.

Change Management leads to mutual Understanding and increased Productivity among 25'00 Employees

isolutions implemented for SBB an adoption and change management program. More than 25'000 users were migrated to Office 365. The usage of the new platform could be increased by 200%.

Improved evaluation of customer data and optimization of personnel planning

For Möbel Pfister AG, a uniform data warehouse would be set up for data analysis, processes would be coordinated and automated, and the evaluation of customer data or personnel planning would be optimized.

Combat Cyber Risks with secure and privacy-compliant Web Application on Azure

Cybercrime causes enormous damage and prosecution of it is lengthy and difficult to track due to its distribution across multiple countries. CYBERA changes the approach and fights cybercrime directly at the source.

Over 30'000 Users migrated to new digital Workplace and saved Costs in the Process

SBB migrated over 30'000 users to the new digital workplace. The employees now use Microsoft Office. In addition, more than 120 people from top management were trained in the use of new technologies.

More efficient Work from anywhere and predictable IT Costs thanks to Cloud Migration

With isolutions, VZPM has successfully implemented the step into the cloud. Since then, we have been supporting and advising the association in various technological matters as a strategic partner.

With Change Management 20'000 Employees migrated to M365 in a short Time for increased Efficiency

Sika needed to digitize its workplace quickly because its existing cloud solution was being discontinued. Thus, a functioning solution had to be found quickly, which also had to be guaranteed for 12 languages.

Power Automate Workflow improves Claims and Compensation Processing

HotellerieSuisse needed a functioning solution promptly. isolutions supported HotellerieSuisse in digitizing the application process and successfully implement the project in a very short time.

Roll-out of M365 simplifies Collaboration internally and with all Partners

For the roll-out of Microsoft 365, isolutions is one of the main partners in this transformation and has supported Migros in the Microsoft 365 roll-out as well as in the area of user adoption and change management.