Lower Licenses Costs with Microsoft Teams Telephony

Before the joint collaboration, several tools from different companies were used at FHNW for telephony, online meetings and chats. As a result, it was not always clear to the users which tool should be used for which application. This also posed a challenge for operations and the regulation of responsibilities.

The FHNW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland and is active in teaching, research, continuing education and services with its nine universities and employs around 3,000 staff. At the innovative educational institution, almost 10’000 students are currently studying in one of the 29 Bachelor’s degree programs and almost 2’000 students are attending one of the 18 Master's degree programs.

Initial Situation

Due to the adopted new IT communication strategy 2022-2026, use is to be switched to Microsoft Teams in the future. For this purpose, the project «Migration Cisco to Microsoft Teams» was launched. The overarching mission of the project is to replace the Cisco Jabber and Cisco Webex tools with Microsoft Teams.


The migration of the telephony from Cisco Jabber to Microsoft Teams took place gradually within six months. First, a pilot was started, which was then extended to one department. Finally, the migration of the entire university took place.

For this purpose, isolutions offered regular training sessions over a period of seven months, from the pilot to the final migration. For this purpose, a DryRun of the training was made in advance within the smaller framework of the project team; the positive feedback then led to an extension of the training offer. The training organization via Microsoft Bookings was also handled by isolutions, so that the project team did not incur any expenses regarding the training. The training offer was extended by several use cases around telephony and meetings, which enables the users to learn independently. The training portal, on which the use cases are published, was already created by isolutions in the «Update Inside FHNW» project.

Cisco deskphones replaced
Icon Cost Reduction
reduce license costs of multiple products
video conferencing systems replaced


  • The reduction of tools makes it easier for users to choose the right tool and simplifies everyday work.
  • Microsoft Teams and Zoom will be fully supported by Corporate IT in the future.
  • By using Microsoft Teams, telephony functions will also be available on mobile devices once the project is complete.
  • The elimination of Cisco Webex and telephony licenses will also save costs.
  • As personal telephones no longer have to be ordered, maintained and renewed in the future, both financial and personnel costs are reduced.

Franziskus Schmid

Team Leader Collaboration | Fachhoschule Nordwestschweiz

«The excellent support provided by isolutions during the planning, execution and evaluation of the user adoption process enabled us to provide optimal customer support while largely conserving internal resources.»

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Lower Licenses Costs with Microsoft Teams Telephony

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