Application Security

Protect your Applications from Attacks

Attackers are targeting vulnerabilities in business applications in today's connected world. Don't let your applications become an entry point for threats. Protect your valuable data from being stolen, tampered with or deleted.

isolutions is your partner for securing applications, no matter where the applications are running. Our experts help you architect, implement, and review your software solutions, applications and identity solutions using modern authentication and authorization best practices, industry guidelines and recommended security standards.

Application Security

Application Security - what it needs

Application security is focused on architecting, implementing, and maintaining secure software solutions. In doing so, every company should ask itself the following questions:

  • How should a zero-trust strategy be integrated into the software architecture?
  • What authentication should be used?
  • How should DevSecOps be implemented and executed?
  • Why and when should I use FIDO2 or passkeys?
  • Which identity providers should I use?
  • How can I implement my data protection requirements?

To find answers to these questions, we are here to help you. Our experts help you find the right strategy and architecture for your business.

Application Security Topics

Cornerstones of Application Security

Explore the wide range of authentication methods, from proven protocols like OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth2 to innovative approaches like Igout and Flows. These technologies provide the basic framework for secure access to applications and enable a seamless user experience. This architecture ensures that users get the right permissions and sensitive data remains protected. Look into the future of identity management with verifiable credentials and decentralized authentication methods. In these topics, we'll help you ensure your application security.

Application authentication OpenID Connect (OIDC), OAuth2, Logout, Flows

Application Authorization Architecture of Claims, Roles, Groups

Self Sovereign Identity, verifiable Credentials, Wallets, distributed Authentication

Identity Management in Applications, Key Management, Certificates

FIDO2, Passkeys, MFA, 2FA, Autenticators, passwordless

OWASP Themes, Session Hardening

DevOps Security


Application Security consulting

Our application security consulting services help you protect, develop and architect your business applications and software solutions. As well, it advices you designing and optimizing the correct and recommended OpenID Connect / OAuth standards, professional DevOps and best practices in modern security. We provide advice, tools, processes and are committed to comprehensive security.

We offer security consulting for your applications and software solutions architecture, DevOps security and infrastructure security.


Benefits of the isolutions Application Security

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Strong proven Expertise in Azure

Extensive expertise in Azure for Application Security, including demonstrated experience implementing robust security measures and processes to secure applications.

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Knowledge in OpenID Connect and OAuth

Expertise in OpenID Connect and OAuth with proven ability to design and implement secure authentication and authorization mechanisms for applications.

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Practical Experience

Internal active development and DevOps teams using best practice authentication, authorization, DevSecOps where we use what we preach.

Icon Costumer Scale

Customer Focus

Unbiased, broad view of industry standards and best practices - we look for the solution that suits the customer, not us.

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Holistic Approach

Full coverage of the entire application lifecycle and beyond - we can support customers comprehensively, through IT strategy, architecture, implementation, maintenance, migration.

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Healthy Pragmatism

Healthy pragmatism means implementing effective security measures that are realistic and appropriate to minimize threats without unnecessarily disrupting development and operations.

Remote App Modernization Workshop, wo Moderator am Screen zeichnet


Application Security Workshop

The two-day application security workshop is aimed at web developers and architects. The first day focuses on application security. It will focus on how authentication, authorization and security requirements can be implemented with ASP.NET Core and DevOps with different identity providers. Different implementation approaches for SPAs and ASP.NET Core as well as relevant OpenID Connect/OAuth flows will be discussed. On the second day, the focus will be on planning and designing security architectures for cloud solutions using ASP.NET Core and Azure DevOps/GitHub. Different approaches for high security architectures will be explained and suitable OpenID Connect/OAuth flows for these solutions will be discussed. The workshop schedule can be adapted to the individual needs of the participants. Once a year there is a public workshop, otherwise a workshop can be requested.

More agenda details

Request Workshop


Data Protection and GDPR Offering

With the tightening of the Data Protection Act (DSG) in Switzerland as of 01.09.2023, in addition to many new organizational or regulatory tasks (processing directory, data protection declaration, external processing, etc.), technical aspects must also be implemented in a solution, especially for software solution providers.

We support our customers in the robust implementation of privacy by design / privacy by default in the following areas:

  • Correct classification of sensitive and confidential data
  • Required information disclosure and needed consents from end users
  • Design functionality to comply with legal requirements
  • Structuring and implementation of least privilege policy
  • Encryption of communication and data
  • Pattern for correct and automated reduction, anonymization and deletion of sensitive data after end of intended purpose


DevSecOps, Azure DevOps and GitHub Security

isolutions can help you mitigate possible attack vectors in the development process by implementing best practices in Azure DevOps and/ or GitHub. The main focus is to protect your company and teams source code, artifacts, pipelines and comply with regulations. We are experts in this area and continue to evolve. As part of the ISO 27001 certification, we continuously improve in that area to be able to do state of the art DevSecOps in our large individual development team.

Our offer includes:

  • DevSecOps security consulting tailored to your needs
  • Implementation of secure Azure DevOps Pipelines and GitHub Actions workflows
  • Automated infrastructure deployments using secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Professional key and certificate management
  • Seamless integration of static security testing with SonarCloud into the development process
  • DevSecOps training


Our team is here for you

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you and open for a non-binding exchange. 

Damien Bowden

Damien Bowden

Software Developer Expert

Damien is an Microsoft MVP and is an expert in application security, security standards and identity.


Marc Rufer

Marc Rufer

Senior Software Developer

Marc is an expert in DevOps, DevSecOps, GitHub and Azure DevOps, security as well as data protection in applications.


Gian Luca Mateo

Gian-Luca Mateo

Team Lead Developers

Gian-Luca is an expert in UI and frontend security.


Thomas Aebi

Thomas Aebi

Software Architect

Thomas is an expert in application security architecture and data protection in applications.