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Intranet for Internal, Extranet for External

A modern intranet allows you to work more productively within the company. Employees can find their way around more quickly, are better informed and can work together more efficiently. An extranet, on the other hand, helps you optimize collaboration with external parties, since customers, partners or suppliers can be granted secure access to your extranet.

Microsoft 365 for your Intranet and Extranet

As an intranet, extranet and digital workplace solution, Microsoft 365 offers a variety of options and tools for information, communication and collaboration. The platform is an intuitive way to make news, content pages and data available to a targeted audience. Employees can collaborate on documents and share them with colleagues or external partners later. A clear authorization system ensures that only the desired group of people has access. The highly effective search function also helps users to find relevant content and documents quickly and easily. Analyze and understand how and when different groups of employees use your intranet or extranet so you can make targeted adjustments that further increase efficiency. This comprehensive package of interconnected functionalities makes Microsoft 365 the ideal basis for your state-of-the-art intranet and extranet platform.

The path to a new solution is paved with questions: What specific objectives need to be achieved and what are the best practices? How do you design the right structure to reach the desired users and make it easy for them to find their way around? Do I need a framework to enhance the platform with additional functions, or is an out-of-the-box solution enough?

We will help you find the right solution for you.

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Reach your Employees

Effectively reaching your employees requires the right message. Use an intranet to communicate your vision, mission and values. Create a modern workplace in which your employees build a relationship with the company and contribute to an open feedback culture.

With a well-established intranet, you can quickly and easily disseminate information and news within your company – around the world, in any language and on any device. This enables you to retain your employees and make sure they are getting the information they need. Use the intranet as an integrated gateway to the digital workplace and a way to keep employees informed, productive and motivated.

We will help you find the right structure to meet your goals and help users find their way around quickly and easily. With Microsoft 365, we offer you state-of-the-art technology with comprehensive features and services. This platform is flexible, scalable and can be adapted to your needs. Whether you need a framework to enhance the platform with additional features, or an out-of-the-box solution is enough. The experts at isolutions have many years of experience in the evaluation, planning, implementation and introduction of intranet solutions.

Intranet consuLTING

Benefits of an Intranet

Icon Location Central

Central Gateway to a digital Workplace

Icon Data

Relevant Information that can be accessed by everyone

Icon Increase

Increased Engagement, Productivity and Commitment

Icon Devices

Location, Time and Device independent

Icon Efficiency And Transparency

Improved Data Search Function

Icon Employees

Promotes the Culture, Values and Vision


Productively and securely networked with external Partners

Build a customer portal that gives your customers and partners easy access to information and documents. An extranet based on Microsoft 365 ensures that your extranet can be accessed by every customer while remaining secure. With an easy-to-use platform, you can enable better engagement, collaboration and engagement with your business. And because it’s a secure environment, you can decide the level of access each customer group has to your customer portal and can manage them easily.

Respond to the needs of your customers, partners and employees and provide a simple and secure communication channel. Use modern collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to collaborate with external partners. The Microsoft 365 solution is scalable and can be adapted at any time. By choosing isolutions, you get a partner with many years of experience in the evaluation, planning, implementation and introduction of extranet solutions. We’d be happy to advise you.

Extranet consultING

Benefits of an Extranet

Icon Teamwork

Easier Collaboration with external Parties

Icon Shield Checkmark

Increased Security and Control

Icon Devices

Location, Time and Device independent

Icon Connection

Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365 Solutions

Icon Cost Reduction

Saves Time and reduces Costs

Icon User Check

Boosts Employee and Partner Satisfaction


Modern Intranet / Extranet Assessment

Abbildung eines Interface für die interne Kommunikation via Intranet

Every intranet or extranet implementation starts with defining the objectives and determining the appropriate software solutions to achieve them. With the modern intranet/extranet assessment, we help analyze your initial situation, focus your goals and develop the right path in just a few steps. Live prototypes allow you to experience and select the right solution for you. The resulting roadmap allows you to decide the scope and budget for the desired project.

We’ll advise what you need to keep in mind when it comes to implementation and show you what your future could look like. With isolutions, you have a partner who not only implements your solution, but really takes care of your business. From the detailed concept to implementation and migration – we advise and support you every step of the way.

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Domenico Paonessa

Successes & News

More about Modern Work

Sitzung mit 3 Frauen und einem Mann in einem Büro

Success Story

Collaboration with Change Management strengthened: LGT relies on Microsoft 365 and Copilot

Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft 365 and a stringent change management process, LGT is benefiting from increased efficiency and improved collaboration for over 5,000 employees. The seamless integration of the tools into everyday working life and the successful pilot phase with Microsoft 365 Copilot illustrate the added value.

SBB Zug von vorne am Zürich Hauptbahnhof

Success Story

From Migration to long-term Partner: SBB on the Path to Digitalization with isolutions

In addition to the introduction of public cloud services, the long-standing partnership between isolutions and SBB has contributed to the acceptance of modern technologies among employees. As a result, innovations can be driven forward and services from the Power Platform can be used profitably.

Bell Food Group

Success Story

The training portal successfully supported the introduction of Microsoft 365

In order to successfully introduce Microsoft 365 at Bell Food Group, isolutions created a training program that enables employees to quickly and easily use the programs.

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz Migration Microsoft Teams

Success Story

Lower Licenses Costs with Microsoft Teams Telephony

Due to the new IT communication strategy 2022-2026, the use of Cisco was switched to Microsoft Teams. This makes collaboration more efficient and saves licensing costs.

Securitas Group Microsoft 365

Success Story

With the Introduction of M365 to the Company Culture Booster

In order to standardize the heterogeneously used work tools and improve collaboration, the Securitas Group opted for a cloud-based solution and the introduction of Microsoft 365.

Migros Collaboration Platform

Success Story

Digital Identity, M365 Toolkit and better enterprise-wide Communications

75% of employees did not have access to collaboration tools. To improve collaboration, Migros chose Microsoft Teams, Yammer and a new intranet based on SharePoint Online.

AMAG Gebäude von aussen in Zug

Success Story

Future Workplace with M365 Suite rolled out to 6'500 Employees

Finding, editing and saving documents was cumbersome at the AMAG Group and the IT was heterogeneous with different solutions. To increase and improve collaboration, it therefore decided to introduce Microsoft 365.

KIBAG Digitaler Arbeitsplatz

Success Story

Successful Introduction of the digital Workplace thanks to User Adoption for 1'200 Employees

The cloud migration enables KIBAG to introduce a digital workplace and a modern collaboration platform to improve collaboration internally and with external parties.

SIX Group Digital Workplace

Success Story

Despite strong Regulations with Flex-Client to modern Workplace and Innovation Drive

Companies that are in a highly regulated area of activity often have to deal with more hurdles for modern collaboration. Nevertheless, the need to be able to work flexibly with external partners is also increasing in these companies, for example in the financial sector.

SBB User Adoption

Success Story

Change Management leads to mutual Understanding and increased Productivity among 25'000 Employees

isolutions implemented for SBB an adoption and change management program. More than 25'000 users were migrated to Office 365. The usage of the new platform could be increased by 200%.

SBB Microsoft 365 Roll-out

Success Story

Over 30'000 Users migrated to new digital Workplace and saved Costs in the Process

SBB migrated over 30'000 users to the new digital workplace. The employees now use Microsoft Office. In addition, more than 120 people from top management were trained in the use of new technologies.

Sika Modern Workplace

Success Story

With Change Management 20'000 Employees migrated to M365 in a short Time for increased Efficiency

Sika needed to digitize its workplace quickly because its existing cloud solution was being discontinued. Thus, a functioning solution had to be found quickly, which also had to be guaranteed for 12 languages.