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Education Framework

Eduart – your Industry Solution for Education, Training, Examination and Certification

The Eduart smart assistant offers automation and efficiency in the training and advanced education sector, such as in examinations and certification. The Eduart software solution makes processes more efficient, reduces administrative effort and is scalable. Communication between candidates, partners, professors, proofreaders and the course management is significantly easier.

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Eduart - das Education Framework

What does Eduart offer?

  • Planning of courses and examinations
  • Design of examinations and exam questions
  • Registration for candidates incl. payment via website / e-shop
  • Invoice generation
  • Examination (online, hybrid or on paper)
  • Live monitoring of online exams, recording of examinations
  • Assessment and grading by experts or automated grading against sample answers
  • Issuing and signing of certificates
  • Publication of the results on the website
  • Extensive evaluation options for all courses and examinations

The education framework is based on Microsoft’s Azure technology and offers you a modular system that can be individually combined and extended. The software is available quickly, customizable and can be accessed at any time. With Eduart, you can streamline your processes and reduce administrative effort. You will also be able to design your own process steps – completely tailored to your company.

We support you and simplify your processes – from the planning, design and monitoring of examinations, right through to corrections and certification.

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Benefits of the Eduart Framework

Icon Cloud Service

Cloud-based: Automatic Updates, highly secure, can be accessed anywhere

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Modular System: Flexible, extendable and combinable

Icon Process

Efficient Planning, Correction and Billing Processes

Icon Identification

Uniform Database and complete Traceability

Icon File Scribble

Implementation online Exams

Icon Decrease Interactions

Reduction of Interactions by Telephone and E-Mail

Education Framework in a modular System – one Tool for everything

Not only will you be able to work more efficiently, you will also be able to use your address and master data management in a targeted manner, manage locations and premises, evaluate exams and questions more comprehensively, and benefit from expandable potential at any time. How exactly? For example, this educational platform allows you to integrate an e-shop, manage roles within the organization, manage external access, report expenses, and book billing directly in the integrated or external accounting system.


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