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App Modernization

Modernize your Applications for higher ROI

The term «legacy» is used to refer to outdated business applications. Often, these have been developed over a long period of time and are highly specific within a process. Although many companies have invested a lot of money in maintenance over the years, compatibility, compliance and performance issues have increased over time. The software no longer meets the demands of the business, it incurs high administration and maintenance costs and slows down the company’s innovation.

Propel your Business with modernized Applications

Intelligent companies are modernizing their application landscape to support innovation, optimize work processes and reduce costs. Application modernization is all about having the right cloud architecture. Our goal: Develop a suitable, individual modernization strategy for your company and offer the best implementation strategy for upgrading your applications. With the isolutions App Modernization Starter Package you not only get a forward-looking consulting service, but you also get:

  • Decision-making basis: Clear understanding of professional and technical possibilities
  • Basis for subsequent implementation
  • Involvement of relevant stakeholders
  • Gain senior management as a project sponsor
  • Transparency on costs, procedures and planning
  • Protection of investments through an iterative approach


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Benefit from Resilient and future-proof Business Applications

Changing business models, rapidly evolving technologies and changing customer needs require applications that are flexible, future-proof and transformative.

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High Degree of Scalability and Performance

Icon Money

Cost-efficient Operation (pay what you see)

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High Level of Security and Reliability

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No time-consuming Deployment

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Connection to existing Data Sources and Systems

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More Room for Innovation


Use the Checklist to see if your Business can benefit from App Modernization

Checklist for app modernization and app development

  • Not very user-friendly
    Speed, mobility and availability no longer meet today’s expectations. The software is inefficient and unpopular.
  • Problems with scalability
    The application becomes more cumbersome as the amount of data increases.
  • No enhancements or new functionalities
    Due to the old technology, new business requirements can no longer be implemented as desired and at good value for money.
  • High operating costs
    Operation, maintenance and development are complex and expensive.
  • Inadequate ability to evaluate and further process data
    Data stored in the system can only be made available for evaluation in other systems with considerable effort.
  • Lack of expertise for adjustments, updates and patches
    Expertise required for adjustments and bugfixes comes from individual employees or external specialists.
  • Risk of failure
    Have you already experienced multiple system failures?

Is one or more of these issues familiar to you? Then it is time to modernize your applications.

Our experienced developers and architects help you transform your business processes with modern and cloud-based apps and workflows on Azure. In addition to C# and .NET, we also use open-source solutions and modern web technologies such as ReactJS. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of Azure Cloud Services with you. Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and the use of data analytics (big data) will propel your applications into a successful future.

Starter Packages

Packages: How to start your app modernization or app development

Having issues with your old Access, Lotus Notes/Domino, VB or .NET applications? Want to minimize the risk of failure and get ready for the cloud? We help you transform, digitize and automate your company by modernizing applications to digitize business processes and workflows.

Book Starter Package

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1. Step


  • Starting point for modernization projects
  • Discuss your starting point
  • Overview of the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Identification of solution options
  • Examples for App Modernization

Duration: 2 hours
Location: online or at isolutions

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2. Step

Analysis and solution

  • Analysis and solution
  • Recording of the actual situation of the application
  • Creation of solution sketches
  • Discussion of solution concept
  • Finalization of documentation
  • Further procedure
Duration: 2 workshops 3 hours each
Location: online, at isolutions or on site
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3. Step


  • Presentation
  • Presentation for management
  • Presentation of solution concept
  • Roadmap and cost indication
  • Discussion and questions
  • Further procedure

Duration: 2 hours
Location: online, at isolutions or on site

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