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We show you how you can get more out of your data and applications by using cloud technologies and cutting-edge software development, while reducing the risk of failures and security vulnerabilities


We get more out of your data and optimize your applications

Application Modernization / Development

Modernize aging business applications now to increase efficiency, enhance security and remain future-ready.

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Data Analytics / Power BI

With the help of data analysis, profitably evaluate your own data, convert it into sound insights and secure competitive advantages.

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Power Platform / Low-Code

Connect the necessary data with Power Platform and implement and use apps quickly and easily thanks to low-code and no-code technologies.

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LMS, exam planning and implementation

The Education Framework «Eduart» is the industry solution for education, training, exams and certifications.

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Bill Staub

Business Unit Lead Business Solutions
Dipl. Ing. Informatik FH, Executive MBA
Bill Staub

Successes & News

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SalutaCoach Applikation

Success Story

Thanks to new application to reduction of numerous additional efforts

As the processes led to numerous additional efforts, SalutaCoach decided to implement a new application that would help simplify communication, planning and surveys.

Lusee Consulting 2

Success Story

Thanks to interactive Conversations increased Sales Opportunities

Lusee makes consulting meetings interactive. isolutions supported them in software development and helped to further develop the application and bring it to market.

BFU IT Framework

Success Story

New Web Application leads to 80% higher Data Quality

Data used to be collected through various tools and Excel lists, but today efficiency has increased thanks to unification in one collection tool. The new framework allows easier connectivity, is device and location independent, and reduces effort.

Innosuisse IT Plattform Azure Cloud

Success Story

Efficiency Increase of the Innovation Promotion Process thanks to individual Solution «Innolink»

To foce the digitalization, the individual solution «Innolink» needs to be expanded to a platform in order to build a scalable, cloud-based and modern digital solution.

Möbel Pfister

Success Story

Improved evaluation of customer data and optimization of personnel planning

For Möbel Pfister AG, a uniform data warehouse would be set up for data analysis, processes would be coordinated and automated, and the evaluation of customer data or personnel planning would be optimized.

CYBERA Plattform Zur Bekämpfung Und Prävention Von Cyberkriminalität

Success Story

Combat Cyber Risks with secure and privacy-compliant Web Application on Azure

Cybercrime causes enormous damage and prosecution of it is lengthy and difficult to track due to its distribution across multiple countries. CYBERA changes the approach and fights cybercrime directly at the source.

HotellerieSuisse Digitalisierung der Anträge zur Coronaentschädigung

Success Story

Power Automate Workflow improves Claims and Compensation Processing

HotellerieSuisse needed a functioning solution promptly. isolutions supported HotellerieSuisse in digitizing the application process and successfully implement the project in a very short time.

VVL AppModernization

Success Story

Modernization of the Core Application BELUGA for improved Workflows

With the support of isolutions, VVL's main application was modernized and operation and support were ensured for the next few years. As a result, the workflows have been simplified and partially automated.

VBS FUB Web-Applikation

Success Story

Web application for nursing and hospital internship management

Smart web application for the management of nursing and hospital internships commissioned by the Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS).

VBV Education Manager

Success Story

Reduction of Administration thanks to Modernization of Examination Management

Thanks to modern web application of exam administration, the process has been digitalized, which saves time, creates more work focus and also more exam places.

CKW Chatbot

Success Story

A chatbot for the customer service center

As part of the isolutions Hackathon 2017, a chatbot was developed in collaboration with CKW, which relieves the customer service center in the processing of relocation notifications and ensures positive customer experiences.

PwC MyPlanning App

Success Story

MyPlanning Tool - resource planning with one click

The MyPlanning tool enables PwC Switzerland to manage its resource planning for 3'000 employees with a single click. The application enables any number of resources to be scheduled at project level over a freely selectable period of time.

PwC Audit Management System (AMS)

Success Story

Thanks to Audit Management System is the joint Working Process for Audit with Clients possible

An xRM solution for smooth financial audits and increased efficiency.