CIO Advisory

CIO Advisory

CIO Consulting for a profit-enhancing IT Strategy

IT decision-makers are increasingly faced with growing, complex requirements. Our goal is to support your IT and business strategies

Thanks to digital transformation, IT has become a department that can actively contribute to profit growth. It is no longer just a matter of providing IT systems as cost-effectively as possible, but also of using innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of specialist departments, gaining new insights from existing data or using technical solutions to open up new markets. A well-considered cloud strategy is crucial to ensuring competitiveness.

CIOs should focus their IT strategy on the cloud, but with the necessary all-round view of on-premises platforms and the necessary experience in the enterprise environment. Whether as expert services or as a whole project, we help IT decision-makers to implement their IT projects. Our experts support you from the development of the strategy and the architecture, through implementation, to the establishment of your desired future mode of operations. Whether you are looking to supplement your capacities over the long term, you need cover for substitutes or short-term cover to account for staff shortages, we’re here to help.

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isolutions Experts for successful Implementation


Our virtual CIO, CTO or IT manager will support you with temporary or long-term additions to your management team. You can call on the expertise of a consultant for whatever you need. Whether you need a sparring partner or a temporary CIO, our senior advisors can advise you on complex IT issues, your IT strategy, new technologies, competency development or the integration of innovative solutions.

IT Consultant

Our IT consulting specialists are the ideal addition to your team when designing your IT solutions. Developing concepts and plans in the areas of security, data centers, workplace, collaboration, contact centers and IT organization is just one part of our comprehensive range of services.

Program Manager

Complex IT projects consist of many individual projects, which must be managed as a comprehensive program. Coordination between projects and between streams and keeping track of progress and costs all require the skills of an experienced Program Manager. Our program managers draw on their experience of working on many such programs.

Project Manager

The success of an IT project is heavily influenced by the skills of the project manager. isolutions Project Managers not only have the necessary experience and comprehensive training (certifications such as PRINCE, IPMA, PMI and Hermes), but also the technical knowledge to make that crucial difference in your IT projects.


Our Consulting Services adopt a holistic Approach

Changes require new technologies and place new requirements on IT systems and, in particular, the CIO. Old working practices and processes need to be revised, digitized and rolled out across the company. isolutions can advise and support you in areas such as cloud transformation, internal change management, implementation, project implementation and future-proof solutions. Our CIO advisory takes a holistic approach to provide you with the best consulting service.

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IT Strategy Consulting

It is well known that IT can make a substantial contribution to a company’s success, but it is only in recent years that many companies have been able to focus on this aspect of IT. isolutions supports CIOs and IT managers in developing the right strategy and coordinating it with their business while keeping an eye on issues such as security, compliance and cost structure.

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Cloud Strategy Consulting

Digital transformation often requires the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the cloud. Manufacturers such as Microsoft offer hundreds of services that can help your business. The trick is to choose the right services and planning the strategy. Our experts will advise you and work with you to develop the right roadmap for cloud transformation.

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Modern Workplace

Our work habits and locations, the people we interact with and new technologies are changing the demands of a modern workplace. The introduction of applications such as Microsoft 365 and Teams are just one component of the modern workplace. Consistently meeting these demands requires a rethinking of work processes and new security concepts. And isolutions can help you exploit their full potential.

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Organizational Development

From the very beginning of the transformation, we look at your future objectives and operating model (future mode of operation). We then work together to define and work out the path to get there. Often processes or entire working methods have to be adapted to ensure quality after completion. We support you with development and implementation, and can also provide specialists to help during operation.


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Roman Feierabend