More flexibility in diabetes research thanks to Azure and Workplace as a Service

The Diabetes Center Berne (DCB) aims to improve the lives of people with diabetes. To achieve this, the DCB is involved in various research projects, each of which places different demands on IT.

The Diabetes Center Berne (DCB) is a private, independent Swiss foundation with the goal of making life with diabetes easier. DCB supports ideas and projects in the field of diabetes technology worldwide by providing expertise, access to clinical research facilities and its own laboratories, and financial resources. The goal is to bring them a big step closer to market entry in a collaborative partnership. The work of the DCB is not-for-profit - the goal is new insights and innovations around diabetes management as well as a vibrant community.

Initial Situation

The IT infrastructure of the Diabetes Center Berne (DCB) could no longer keep up with the ever-increasing demands of dynamic development. As a result, the DCB was struggling with performance problems, lack of flexibility and high operating costs. Part of DCB's business is working on various research projects, which continuously places new demands on the IT systems. The DCB is also subject to ongoing change in terms of human resources. Therefore, a solution had to be found that could scale with the DCB‘s business.  


The solution developed for DCB meets the requirements for scalability and flexibility in all areas. The digital workstations were configured on the basis of Microsoft 365 and existing content (such as e-mail inboxes and document repositories) was migrated. All devices are now centrally managed and secured. Teams can work together on documents, share them with internal and external parties, and hold chats and meetings in real time, regardless of location. Access to emails and calendars is also possible at any time, securely and across devices. Email traffic is secured with's HIN Connector. Licensing and service costs in the «Workplace as a Service» model are billed according to effective usage, so that fluctuations in staff numbers do not cause unnecessary costs.

Employees were introduced to the possibilities of modern communication and collaboration through training and other measures in the area of change management.

In the area of research, applications can be flexibly set up and taken down in the Azure Cloud as needed. One example of this is the REDCAP (Research Electronic Data Capture) application, which is used for recording and evaluating research data. Maintenance, backup, monitoring as well as support of the cloud environment are ensured by isolutions. This allows DCB to fully focus on its own mission «Improving the lives of people with diabetes» .

time saving due to automated rollout
days to deploy new applications
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  • Improved real-time collaboration independent of time and location.
  • Increased cost efficiency thanks to solution scalability and cost transparency.
  • More focus on core business.
  • More flexibility and shorter time to market.

Derek Brandt

CEO | Diabetes Center Berne

«The decision to move the entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, eliminating in-house servers, has led to a significant reduction in internal effort and created the flexibility needed to implement new applications in research quickly and securely.»

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