Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence as the Key to Success

Artificial intelligence (AI) has triggered a digital revolution. It opens up opportunities for companies that were previously almost unthinkable. Even today, existing data can be used to automate many repetitive processes in your company, avoid errors, make diagnoses or identify potentials and risks that support you and your employees.

Artificial intelligence is a very broad and diverse field that deals with the replication and augmentation of human intelligence by machines. However, it was the availability of massive computing power from the cloud that gave development the necessary boost. Do you want to know how you can optimize your business process with the help of AI? With our years of experience, we evaluate suitable use cases in your company and show you how you can drive innovation profitably and create competitive advantages.

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isolutions AI Starter Package

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The application of artificial intelligence only leads to an increase in efficiency, higher productivity and innovation speed if AI is used appropriately. A precise analysis and definition of the use cases in a company is therefore crucial in order to measure the success of an AI implementation. Let us advise you in our starter package on AI so that your company can also benefit from the advantages of AI in the shortest possible time.


The isolutions starter package on AI includes the following services:

  • Classification of AI in your company
  • Development of an AI vision and strategy
  • Identification and prioritization of use cases for the implementation of a proof of concept (PoC)
  • Building up know-how in the field of AI
  • Bringing AI to life for employees using Azure OpenAI ChatGPT


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The Power of Collaboration: Person and Machine in Harmony

Artificial intelligence is often seen as a threat to humans. This perception is not least a result of the way in which AI and its capabilities are advertised. AI can indeed take over work previously done by humans and, in many cases, do so more accurately and, above all, tirelessly. However, AI needs an order to do something and must be assessed accordingly. This is usually determined by a «natural» intelligence - i.e. a person.

A popular example of such an apparent threat from generative AI is ChatGPT. ChatGPT is based on a large language model that can identify intentions in a text and generate text based on instructions. This works amazingly well, but only if the AI is given the right instructions and if the generated text has the expected precision, length and tonality.

This is where many opportunities are hidden, because the actual creativity remains with humans, whereas the generation of the output (stringing syllables together and applying the correct punctuation) is done by a machine. The full potential of AI lies in the optimal use of your existing data. We combine your business models with technology and a user-friendly interface to create solutions that your employees can use efficiently.

Advantages of AI

Why you should rely on Artificial Intelligence

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Automation of work processes

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Better decisions and recognition of trends

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Increased speed of innovation

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Increased efficiency

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Cost savings


Better risk management

creative enhancement of text and images through AI
of generative AI users want to automate tasks at work
reduced processing time per hour for customer service employees

The transformation of the way we work is within reach. Seize this opportunity! We can help you with your challenges. Data is often difficult to use, whether due to different data sources or a lack of quality. In addition, there is often a lack of internal know-how to categorize these huge amounts of data and understanding the data potential can also be overwhelming. We create valuable knowledge from your data, automate work processes, implement applications and help you to use AI in your company in a targeted manner.

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Make more out of your data. We help you build knowledge, identify trends and increase efficiency.

Application Scenarios

What is already possible with Artificial Intelligence today

AI as a building block

AI is often used as a building block or combination of building blocks to improve a process or supplement an existing solution and is not necessarily directly visible to the end user. We then experience generative AI with ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot, for example.

AI as a search aid

The chats with company data (e.g. knowledge databases) use the Large Language Model (LLM) of generative AI to recognize the intent of a search query and place an order with the search engine. The results are summarized and deep links to the sources are embedded. The summary helps the person searching to recognize more quickly whether they are looking for the right information.

AI as a language processor

In language processing, AI can help with various tasks, such as transcribing texts or translating texts from one language into another (e.g. DeepL or Google Translate). AI can also help with the analysis or generation of texts. However, AI can also generate program codes from natural language.

AI as image generation

The generation or modification of images or videos based on a description is an application area of weak AI. These models can generate new visual content or modify existing visual content by using the description as input. An example of this is the generation of images according to specific wishes or the modification of an image by adjusting the color or shape of an object.

AI as a forecaster

Weak AI is used for analytical tasks, such as recognizing patterns or anomalies in time series and predicting their development. For example, a model can be trained to recognize anomalies in the telemetry data of technical systems and provide a forecast for the probability of their occurrence. This can indicate the failure of a system component so that maintenance can be carried out that is more cost-effective than an unplanned repair.

AI as an extractor

With key-value extraction, texts, key-value pairs, tables and structures are automatically and precisely extracted from documents. In this way, documents (with unstructured data) can be converted into usable data and the focus can be placed on processing information. Examples include finding the most frequent complaints in customer reports, extracting values from invoices or relevant information from forms (e.g. Form Recognizer).


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Further Information about Business Solutions

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Success Story

Increased Efficiency through digital Invoicing Processes thanks to AI and Power Platform

Profond has digitized and automated its invoicing process with the help of the Power Platform in order to reduce costs and minimize errors. The implementation of an AI-supported, model-driven app has massively increased efficiency.

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Success Story

Efficient Product Planning in Seconds thanks to new Web Application

With isolutions, Shell is developing an innovative web application that significantly increases efficiency in product maintenance, reduces data import from minutes to seconds and offers maximum security for recipes. With a 400% increase in efficiency and lightning-fast processing of over 50'000 components, the solution sets new standards.

SBB Zug von vorne am Zürich Hauptbahnhof

Success Story

From Migration to long-term Partner: SBB on the Path to Digitalization with isolutions

In addition to the introduction of public cloud services, the long-standing partnership between isolutions and SBB has contributed to the acceptance of modern technologies among employees. As a result, innovations can be driven forward and services from the Power Platform can be used profitably.

Forumlar für den Test von Drogensubstanzen

Success Story

Transformative Efficiency: How DIZ optimizes its Service thanks to Low-Code App

The Drug Information Centre (DIZ) in Zurich has revolutionized its services with a tailor-made low-code power app for drug checking that optimizes the entire process from sample collection to result release. The new solution boosts efficiency and increases productivity.

Zwei Schweizer Seilbahnen fahren den Berg hinauf

Success Story

Better accident prevention thanks to new accident database

With the new accident database, Ropeways Switzerland can quickly and easily record accidents in the mobile app. In addition, thanks to accurate data, more targeted accident prevention measures can now be taken.

Junge Studenten sitzend im Schulzimmer am Laptop

Success Story

Digital and modern Exam Management: Automation, Flexibility and increased Efficiency has modernized its exam management with the isolutions Education Framework. now handles its entire exam management in an efficient, digital system. The solution offers numerous advantages.

SalutaCoach Applikation

Success Story

Thanks to new application to reduction of numerous additional efforts

As the processes led to numerous additional efforts, SalutaCoach decided to implement a new application that would help simplify communication, planning and surveys.

BFU IT Framework

Success Story

New Web Application leads to 80% higher Data Quality

Data used to be collected through various tools and Excel lists, but today efficiency has increased thanks to unification in one collection tool. The new framework allows easier connectivity, is device and location independent, and reduces effort.

Innosuisse IT Plattform Azure Cloud

Success Story

Efficiency Increase of the Innovation Promotion Process thanks to individual Solution «Innolink»

To foce the digitalization, the individual solution «Innolink» needs to be expanded to a platform in order to build a scalable, cloud-based and modern digital solution.

Möbel Pfister

Success Story

Improved evaluation of customer data and optimization of personnel planning

For Möbel Pfister AG, a uniform data warehouse would be set up for data analysis, processes would be coordinated and automated, and the evaluation of customer data or personnel planning would be optimized.