Revolution in AI: GPT-4 Omni changes the way we interact with information systems

More precise and consistent Answers thanks to GPT-4 Omni

Have you ever interacted with a chatbot and wondered how it understands and answers your questions? Until recently, the AI models used for such interactions were serial. Meaning they were based on a number of different models working together. With the announcement of OpenAI's GPT-4o(mni), this has fundamentally changed.

What's new? GPT-4 Omni is an intelligent combination of previously separate AI models into a single, unified model. This innovative approach improves the efficiency and effectiveness of system interactions and leads to more accurate and consistent answers.


Why is this important?

Neues KI Modell: OpenAI's GPT-4o

For business professionals, this means that interacting with AI systems in their daily tasks is smoother and more intuitive. Whether a chatbot is used for customer service, internal communication or data analysis, GPT-4 Omni is designed to better understand needs and respond more naturally.

In turn, this triggers a more seamless and satisfying experience for customers when interacting with a company's chatbot. From solving problems to answering questions, the improved AI capabilities ensure that you get the help you need faster and more accurately.

By integrating different AI models into one, GPT-4 Omni eliminates the fragmentation of responses and provides an optimized and consistent user experience. This advancement is not only a technological leap forward, but also a step towards more human-like interactions with AI.


What comes next?

Project Vasa

Real-time avatars are entering the market, including those based on the principles of Responsible AI. What is still missing is the merging of GTP-4o and similar models with such real-time avatars.

This combination could significantly improve interactivity and the user experience. Companies and developers are currently researching and testing this integration. Initial results show promising approaches that could enable seamless communication. It is also important to integrate ethical and data protection aspects into the development process right from the start. This could lead to the creation of real-time avatars that are not only technically sophisticated but also socially responsible.

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