The Benefits of Power Platform? Micha Stauffer will tell you!

Power Platform

«I'm amazed at what's possible with it.»

Said one customer after a two-hour envisioning session about the possibilities of the Power Platform. Envisioning is usually the first step in our journey to help customers such as Migros or AMAG implement the Power Platform company-wide. In fact, the possibilities of the Power Platform seem almost unlimited. They range from the creation of apps for all kinds of devices, to process automations, to dashboards and chatbots that can be enriched with artificial intelligence and connected to various peripheral systems with over 600 connectors.

My Way @isolutions mit Micha Stauffer

«Back in 2008, when I started at isolutions, I was fascinated by all the possibilities offered by the Microsoft products of the time, such as SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. But when I first got to know the Power Platform, it was love at first sight.»

Micha Stauffer, Power Platform Consultant

Simplification without Programming

Processes can be automated in a simplified way without any programming effort - partly directly by the end users themselves. Possibilities are created for achieving great things with little effort - this suits my type and I became a big fan of it. But with these possibilities, concerns naturally arise from an IT perspective:

  • How will all these apps be managed
  • How will it be ensured that the data stays within the company (if, for example, out of the box Dropbox and Google Drive connectors are available)
  • What happens when the creators of the solutions leave the company
  • Who is responsible for supporting these applications

These concerns are all valid and an uncontrolled rollout of the Power Platform will lead to these very issues.

Fortunately, Microsoft offers solutions to manage all these risks. For example, you can monitor all solutions, see which apps are used how often and by whom, which connectors are used, which apps no longer have an owner, and so on. Automated workflows also help clean up the environment.

This is exactly where I support our customers. From initial envisioning, to creating a Power Platform strategy to maximize the benefits, to creating and operationalizing governance to manage the potential risks from an IT perspective, to operations and user adoption.

Of course, I am also happy to lend a hand myself when it comes to the realization of more complex use cases, such as the Corona compensation at Hotellerie Suisse.

With the possibilities that the Power Platform already offers today, the rapid pace at which it is being further developed by Microsoft, and the large companies that are already strategically relying on the Microsoft Power Platform today, I am convinced that we will hear and experience a lot more in the future.

Would you also like to help accompany our customers on this exciting journey and help shape their future? At isolutions, we have our own team that takes care of Power Platform. 



I look forward to hear from you.

Micha Stauffer

Team Lead Power Platform
BSc in Business Informatics
Micha Stauffer