Utilise synergies: How you can use your Power BI Report in CRM

CRM and Analysis in one System

Information on sales or marketing activities is often recorded in a CRM system and then analysed in a separate reporting tool. These analyses lead to measures that then have to be implemented in the CRM system.

Wouldn't it be exciting to map all these activities in a single system?

Thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform architecture, isolated solutions such as separate CRM and reporting tools are a thing of the past. User-defined interfaces are no longer required to utilise the synergies of both solutions.

With products such as Dynamics 365 and Power BI, analysis and data collection can now be mapped in a single system and made accessible to the user. In this blog, we present some scenarios of what such an integration could look like.

Use Case 1

Integrate Power BI report as Dynamics 365 Dashboard

Wie Du Deinen Power BI Report Im CRM Verwenden Kannst

Dynamics 365 only offers limited options for creating dashboards in terms of functionality and presentation. By integrating a Power BI report into Dynamics 365, these possibilities can be significantly expanded, including the display of charts, data labelling, custom designs and tooltips.

The integration of Power BI as a Dynamics 365 system dashboard makes it possible to derive and implement data-driven actions directly from the system without having to switch between different applications. This seamless connection improves the efficient use of data and resources and supports decision-making in organisations.

Use Case 2

Integrate Power BI Report into Dynamics 365 Form

Wie Du Deinen Power BI Report Im CRM Verwenden Kannst

By integrating a Power BI report directly into a Dynamics 365 form, data can be displayed in a contextualised and targeted manner, depending on the previously selected data set. This method eliminates the need to manually preselect filter criteria in Power BI, which increases user-friendliness and makes it easier to navigate to the most important key figures.

Use Case 3

Jump from Dynamics 365 to Power BI

Wie Du Deinen Power BI Report Im CRM Verwenden Kannst

If, for various reasons, a direct display of a Power BI report in Dynamics 365 is not desired, it is possible to jump directly to the Power BI service tool via user-defined buttons in the navigation bar. A context-related filter can also be used here, which automatically selects the Dynamics 365 data set as a preselected filter criterion in the Power BI report and minimises additional manual user interactions.

Experience seamless integration of your data and improve the efficiency of your processes by integrating Power BI directly into Dynamics 365. If you're tired of switching between different applications and wasting valuable time, now is the time to discover the benefits of an integrated solution.


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Yannick Engeser