Future Workplace with M365 Suite rolled out to 6'500 Employees

Finding, editing and saving documents was cumbersome at the AMAG Group and the IT was heterogeneous with different solutions. To increase and improve collaboration, it therefore decided to introduce Microsoft 365.

The AMAG Group is a comprehensive mobility provider with an excellent position throughout Switzerland. The approximately 6‘500 employees work with passion to keep people on the road. In addition to the traditional import, sale and repair of vehicles, the AMAG Group offers additional mobility-related services through its own leasing company, logistics, rental car business, car sharing and parking.

Initial Situation

Document processing and storage at the AMAG Group was organized rather heterogeneously. The IT landscape consisted of several isolated solutions, which made it difficult to work together on a daily basis. For example, employees from different departments hardly had a way to work together on documents at the same time. Employees without a PC workstation could not access files, or could do so only with difficulty. The AMAG Group therefore decided for an extensive digitization. The goal of the project was, to identify and document the application scenarios in a daily work for a improved collaboration. Governance should provide clarity regarding internal as well as external collaboration and define guidelines as well degrees of freedom.
At the same time, with the new tools, the specifications for the storage methods of the documents should be worked out.


In cooperation with the AMAG Group, isolutions defined the future way of working in several workshops – in line with the individual use cases. Derived from the existing needs, tools from the Microsoft 365 Suite were defined and their use regulated. With the implementation of Microsoft Teams and a provisioning solution, efficiency and flow of information appropriate to the addressees have been improved.

After an accompanied pilot phase, the comprehensive Microsoft 365 roll-out was prepared. The implementation of training courses including the creation of training documents rounded off this phase and strengthened the acceptance of the key users.

A provisioning solution developed by isolutions allows the AMAG Group to create new workspaces in Microsoft Teams at the push of a button. Several preconfigured templates are available for the user to choose from in order to cover the different types of work groups (e.g. project groups, organizational groups, technical committees). As a result, internal and external collaboration could be largely standardized and improved.

employees migrated to Microsoft 365
workplaces created at the push of a button
Icon Increase
great increase in efficiency for the collaboration


  • Thanks to the project an uniform working methode has been defined.
  • The new solution has significantly increased the efficiency of collaboration.
  • Working with Microsoft Teams has improved knowledge sharing.
  • Employees without their own PC workstation could be better integrated into the digital workday.
  • With the provisioning solution 1‘200 preconfigured Teams workplaces could be configurate within 18 months.
  • The new technology makes it possible to work independently of location and device.

Džana Subašić

Team Leader IT Digital Workplace | AMAG

«It is kind of impossible to imagine a workday of AMAG employees without Microsoft Teams, which makes a major contribution in improving collaboration and communication within the company. With Microsoft 365, employees can access their files from anywhere, which is a great advantage for location- and device-independent work.»

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