SharePoint Power: How to optimize Communication in your Company

Modern Communication: Better internal Communication with SharePoint

Communication is at the heart of every successful company. A well-functioning intranet is the key to success. Why? An intranet connects employees, optimizes work processes and promotes a culture of collaboration and transparency.

Do you want to make your company more efficient, productive and competitive? At isolutions, we have years of experience in developing intranets and know exactly how to improve internal communication so that it is appreciated by employees and promotes work. We have bundled this know-how in an automated basic intranet solution to meet the most common needs of companies.


Productivity Boost with SharePoint Intranet

Many companies already have a Microsoft 365 license and use tools such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel. But are they using them to their full potential? With your existing SharePoint license, our standardized intranet solution and the expertise of our crew, we can set up an efficient intranet for your company in no time at all. Our basic intranet solution uses the standard functionality of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. This creates a modern, attractive portal for the digital workplace of all employees. The Microsoft 365 Basic intranet is based on proven standards and can be expanded as required to enable additional functionalities in the areas of collaboration, document management or process automation in the future. Important content such as news, events, documentation and additional tools or links can be easily recorded and published in the form of attractively designed landing pages. Thanks to the search function and the display of personalized content, employees can quickly find the information and work areas that are relevant to them. It's time to get the most out of your existing license.


A modern Intranet in three Steps

Description of 3 Steps to Intranet SharePoint Solutions

In just three steps, we take your internal communication to the next level. The isolutions intranet package for 19'000 CHF includes the following three-step approach and services:

  1. Intranet workshop: In a half-day workshop, we discuss your requirements for internal communication and connection to your data in order to create a suitable intranet for you. You will also learn the basics about the structure of an intranet in SharePoint.
  2. Automated installation: Our intranet solution is automatically deployed in your environment. Of course, this is done in accordance with your corporate identity and the branding discussed in the workshop. This includes a start page, three predefined areas (e.g. HR, Marketing and IT), an intelligent search function and the Viva Connections start page.
  3. Content support: With an hourly quota of 20 hours, we support and advise you in filling the intranet with the desired content and bringing it to life. The configured solution can be flexibly modified and expanded at any time (e.g. with additional landing pages).


The most important Advantages of a modern Intranet

  • Optimized internal communication: Improve the way your company communicates and shares information internally. Our modern basic intranet solution provides you with a central platform for distributing news, updates and announcements to your entire workforce. Say goodbye to scattered emails and hello to an optimized communication channel that keeps your employees in the loop.
  • Cost-efficient solution: Unlike complex and costly intranet implementations, the SharePoint intranet offers a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality. Simple, cost-effective and clear.
  • Quick and easy setup: With our three-step method, you can set up and use your intranet in no time at all. The benefits of improved collaboration and communication for your company are immediately noticeable.
  • Scalability and customizability: Our solution is designed to grow with your business. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, our SharePoint-based intranet can be tailored to your needs.
  • Integration with Microsoft strategy: Leverage your existing Microsoft strategy and licenses by using SharePoint as your intranet platform. Our solution fits seamlessly into your current Microsoft ecosystem and ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Internal Communication as a competitive Advantage

An intranet is no longer just a tool - it is the backbone of modern companies. With the isolutions SharePoint intranet basic solution, you have the opportunity to revolutionize internal communication in the workplace, optimize collaboration and increase the productivity of your team.

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It's time to boost your internal Communication. Are you ready to take the next Step?

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