From Data to Security Pilots: isolutions and AvePoint join forces for a secure Microsoft 365 Environment

Digital transformation has pushed companies around the world to create more efficient and collaborative working environments. Microsoft 365 and artificial intelligence play a crucial role in this process. The economic potential of AI is considerable. Overall, a McKinsey study predicts that the use of AI will contribute an additional 13 trillion US dollars to global value creation by 2030.

To tap into this market share, companies are introducing AI solutions such as Microsoft 365 Copilot with the aim of maximizing benefits and increasing productivity. This is exactly where the partnership between isolutions and AvePoint comes in. isolutions is a Certified Partner of AvePoint and the leading Swiss service provider for Microsoft products in automation and service solutions. As a leading software company, AvePoint offers the most advanced platform for optimizing SaaS operations and secure collaboration. This partnership offers customers a comprehensive range of services aimed at driving digital transformation with Microsoft 365 and ensuring long-term success. But what does this partnership actually mean and what are the benefits?

Data Security and Compliance

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The introduction of Microsoft 365 offers companies a wealth of functions and tools to increase productivity. However, this advanced platform also brings challenges in terms of data security and compliance. An important aspect of the partnership between isolutions and AvePoint is improving security and compliance in Microsoft 365 environments. The protection of sensitive data, monitoring of access and compliance with legal regulations can be guaranteed even more strongly thanks to the partnership with AvePoint. Data migration, backups and restores can also be handled more reliably. As a result, customers can be sure that their data is fully protected and that the applicable compliance requirements are met. This perfectly complements isolutions' service offering, which aims to support companies in digitizing, automating and improving their business processes to ensure digital sustainability.

AI-supported Productivity

By introducing artificial intelligence, for example through Copilot for Microsoft 365, into companies, customers receive personalized suggestions for automating work processes for increased efficiency and productivity. The quality and relevance of the data plays a crucial role in creating a solid foundation for the AI-supported functions. isolutions uses a three-stage approach to support organizations in the introduction of artificial intelligence in Microsoft 365 applications: Data Preparation, Content Centralization, and Information Migration into Microsoft 365. isolutions' partnership with AvePoint further strengthens this offering. AvePoint's products and services for managing and securing data in Microsoft 365 provide customers with additional security and compliance in their environments.


For a secure digital Future: isolutions and AvePoint optimize Microsoft 365 Environments

Overall, the partnership between isolutions and AvePoint offers clear benefits for companies: By combining expertise, solutions and resources, customers can be sure that they will receive the best solutions for their Microsoft 365 environments. This not only successfully drives digital transformation forward, but also secures it in the long term. Companies that opt for these solutions are taking decisive steps towards a digital future characterized by efficiency, collaboration and trust.

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Roman Feierabend

Business Unit Lead - Cloud Services
Eidg. dipl. Informatiker, Executive MBA
Roman Feierabend