Security Services

Security Services

Networked, flexible and secure: Managed Security Services

We are becoming more and more connected – people, technology and businesses are increasingly connecting via the internet. More and more processes and procedures are being digitalized and can be accessed from different locations. This offers flexibility, but also makes security a priority. Not only do we take care of your migration to the cloud, we also manage, operate and monitor your infrastructure to protect you from attacks.

Services for your Security

Many companies are not able to tackle cyber threats on their own. Especially not when it comes to public clouds, where innovation and change happen almost every day. Not least because of the limited resources currently available, an effective security strategy remains out of reach for most companies. It requires security solutions that you can rely on, that are available and functioning at all times.

Cloud-native integration functions such as extended detection and response (XDR) enable high quality to be combined with efficient operation. We offer various security services based on XDR and Microsoft’s pioneering SOC approach. From continuous security monitoring to continuous compliance, we can support you.

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Security Services - Managed Security Services

Four Approaches to managed Security Services

Our services are based on four approaches. We monitor the existing environment through security monitoring and respond to alerts and incidents. With managed detection and response (MDR), we take care of everything from implementation to operating detection and response systems – all to keep your endpoints secure. In addition to monitoring and integration, we secure your operations using extended detection and response (XDR). Endpoints are integrated, along with other systems (such as email, applications, storage accounts and identities). The fourth approach focuses on monitoring and compliance. With continuous compliance, we ensure that regulatory requirements are met.


An Overview of our Security Services

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Security Monitoring

We can provide an early warning system for monitoring to detect or defend against attacks at an early stage. Ideal for companies without their own SOC.

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EDR / XDR: Enhanced Endpoint Protection

Using a central dashboard, we provide advanced protection against malware, ransomware and viruses for your servers, workstations and other devices.

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Ransomware Recovery

We make sure that in the event of an attack, your data can still be restored, including through independent back-ups.

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Incident Response

An incident response solution that is tailor-made for cloud environments and ideally provided in combination with an XDR solution.

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MDR (managed Detection and Response)

MDR is an integrated solution that monitors your cloud systems and endpoints and intervenes in the event of an attack.

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Continuous Compliance

Security monitoring tailored to compliance-driven monitoring in the public cloud to continuously ensure best practices and standards.


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