Cybersecurity Month - more Awareness for more Security

Under the motto ┬źEverything is Waves┬╗, our team of cybersecurity experts organized this year's Cybersecurity Month. The aim is to raise awareness of potential cybersecurity threats and promote knowledge of (cyber) security topics throughout the company.

Through various events and knowledge sharing sessions with internal and external speakers, employees gain a better and deeper understanding of current trends and potential cyberrisks in daily business. This is a measure that helps to strengthen internal security awareness and empower employees to actively contribute to the protection of corporate data.

Cybersecurity Awareness Sessions


Crimewaves - Klick Klick Boom!

Insights on our Cybersecurity SessionsThe Cybersecurity Month kicked off with Lukas Karroll, cybercrime expert. In his session he gave us an insight into cyberattacks, the darknet, drugs and crime. Based on a normal daily routine of an employee, he showed where and how attackers can get hold of information and how they misuse this information and turn it into money.

Wave of Compliance

Christoph Ratavaara and Lukas Koslowski explained what an ISMS is based on the ISO 27001 auditing and certification of isolutions. They also showed why an ISO 27001 certification is important for us as well as for customers. Using various examples, the participants were shown a picture of the extensive measures required to achieve certification.

Between the Waves

Cristian Camps, a Cybersecurity Detection Engineer from Getronics, explained in his session how and with which means a wireless network can be hacked and taken over. A subsequent man-in-the-middle attack made it clear to the participants that a network that appears trustworthy to the outside world can be misused. This form of attack is particularly popular in computer networks.

Data Protection in Waves

Based on a customer order, Marc Rufer explained to us how legal and statutory requirements were implemented within a project. Special attention was paid to the sometimes tricky and challenging requirements of data protection and the transfer of data.

Flood of Information

Christoph Ratavaara and Borna Cisar explained how a tabletop exercise increased awareness in the isolutions Management Board, what lessons were learned, and how such a tabletop exercise must be planned and executed. In the fictitious scenario of the tabletop exercise, a customer and isolutions itself became the target of a hacker. The management board had to face difficult questions and make even more difficult decisions in several hours.

Reasons to hold a Cybersecurity Month

The Reason Why

Cybersecurity Month at isolutions is a significant initiative to raise cybersecurity awareness and empower employees to proactively contribute to the security of the company. Through training in various areas of cybersecurity, employees can expand their knowledge and raise awareness to recognize threats and act accordingly. For isolutions, commitment to cybersecurity is a high priority. On the one hand, it is a high concern for us in customer projects and, at the same time, we want to set an example as a company as a whole. Through such initiatives, companies can make an important contribution to strengthening their security culture and better arming themselves against the increasing cyber threats.

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Chief Information Security Officer
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Christoph Ratavaara