Management of Cyberrisks in the Public Cloud


Leticia Hollenstein, Account Manager at isolutions, has studied her passion cybersecurity in depth in the CAS «Cybersecurity». In her final thesis, she dedicated herself to the topic of «Management of cyber risks in the public cloud»: Read the whitepaper to find out which advantages the cloud offers in terms of cybersecurity, which tools are suitable and which trends are coming our way.

Public cloud strategies are now widespread, even among risk-averse companies such as those in the financial sector, which are subject to regulations typical of the market. The benefits of the cloud, such as flexibility, scalability and efficiency, are well known, but the secure execution and management of public cloud environments is often inadequate due to a lack of skills, tools and processes, leading to increased risk exposure. A risk strategy that aligns with the organization's risk appetite is only the first step, and it must include a balance of trust and control, taking responsibility, and building sustainable cyber resilience.