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Companies are increasingly faced with a growing number of cyber attacks. At the same time, a high dependency on digitalized processes and supply chains increases the impact of a successful cyber attack. Our security consulting services help you protect your data and information, as well as designing and optimizing secure IT environments. We provide advice and are committed to comprehensive security.

Invest in your Security now

Now is the time for cybersecurity consulting. We determine your current status and protection requirements and advise you on the development of coordinated security strategies and measures. We also help you to improve your existing security management system. We provide expert and results-oriented support and are committed to your company’s security. We pay particular attention to the size of your company and its culture, and take into account its attractiveness to attackers and the industry.

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Security Consulting - Cyber Sicherheit in der Organisation

Cybersecurity in your Organization

To ensure effective protection against cyber attacks, a holistic approach to processes, technology, people and how they interact is crucial. The holistic approach of our security consulting service increases your resilience in the long term. At the same time, the financial and human resources available for corporate security are limited and must therefore be deployed as economically as possible. Establishing, controlling and implementing integrated, risk-based security management is the key to overcoming today’s challenges.


Our Solutions for your Security

In addition to consulting and assessments, we focus on prevention. Cybersecurity risk management is a strategic approach to prioritizing threats. This will help you identify, analyze, evaluate and address potential vulnerabilities and attacks and the impact of each threat. We strengthen your security through technology and by raising awareness among your employees.

Security Assessment

We rely on a holistic approach to ensure targeted and efficient consulting. Our free assessments determine your current security maturity level and show you any potential vulnerabilities.

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Security Consulting - Beispiel eines Security Assessment

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Based on your individual framework conditions, we advise you on developing a suitable security strategy and organization. To ensure efficient deployment of resources, we develop the perfect security risk management system for you and help you to identify and assess assets, define suitable protective measures and monitor their implementation. Compliance issues (e.g. data protection, FINMA circulars, customer projects, etc.) are also taken into account and systematically recorded in processes.

Security Consulting - Gouvernance Risk Compliance

Security architecture

Our consulting services include a holistic security architecture in which we develop specific security concepts and possible measures. We can provide you with the right security architecture, taking into account your security strategy and technology.

Security Consulting - Benjamin Regez skizziert die Security Architecture


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