Price Reduction of Microsoft Cloud License by 9% from 01.09.2023

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Microsoft lowers Cloud License Prices in Switzerland

Good news: Microsoft lowers cloud license prices in Switzerland. Swiss customers who purchase Microsoft cloud licenses in Switzerland will benefit from a price reduction. Twice a year, Microsoft reserves the right to make price adjustments. Starting in September, this will result in a 9% reduction in Microsoft Cloud prices in Switzerland.

Since Microsoft links the prices of cloud licenses to the US dollar, Microsoft reserves the right to make adjustments twice a year - always depending on currency fluctuations. As of 01.09.2023, our isolutions Marketplace customers will benefit from a reduction of 9%. This is accompanied by a decrease in the prices for CSP NCE and CSP Legacy licenses. 

What do I have to do as a customer?

What do I have to do as an isolutions Marketplace customer to benefit from the price reduction?

You don't have to do anything to benefit from the price reduction. The good news is that the prices will be automatically adjusted as of 01.09.2023.

When do I benefit from the price reduction as an isolutions Marketplace customer?

The price reduction takes effect after the renewal of the respective license period. This can be seen in the isolutions Marketplace under the respective license by means of the «Price Protection» date.

How does it work?

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Are you unsure how the whole thing works?

We'll use our example to explain how and when the price reduction automatically takes effect. The picture next to it is an NCE monthly license, which renews on the 19th of each month. Here, the customer will benefit from the price reduction as of 09/19/2023.

So the price reduction will take effect depending on when you originally purchased the license. So you will benefit from the price reduction at the latest as follows:

  • Montas licenses from 30.09.2023
  • Annual licenses as of 01.09.2024

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