CSP Legacy Licenses are discontinued

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Initial, the termination of the CSP legay commercial licenses was already planned for mid 2022. However, Microsoft then changed their decision at short notice and extended the licenses - until now. Now Microsoft has announced that they will discontinue all CSP legacy licenses, including the commercial, nonprofit and education licenses, starting in 2024. 

Although no new legacy commercial licenses could be purchased after mid 2022, licenses already purchased could still be used. But now it's over. From 2024, all CSP legay licenses must be converted to NCE licenses. If legacy licenses are not manually converted to NCE licenses, Microsoft will automatically convert them to NCE annual licenses once their expiration date is reached in 2024.

Which customers are affected?

isolutions Marketplace: Beispiel einer Maske wo NCE und CSP Lizenzen zeigt

How do I know if I still have CSP legacy licenses in use?

In the isolutions Marketplace, in the tenant administration, you can see on the left side which licenses you are currently using. All Microsoft licenses (except Azure and Organization Tenant) that are not marked with NCE are CSP legacy licenses.

In the example on the picture, you can see that four NCE licenses are active in the tenant shown. Only the «Dynamics 365 Sales Professional» license is a CSP legacy license, which will be converted.

 isolutions Marketplace: Beispiel einer Maske mit Ablaufdatum

Where can I find the expiration date of my CSP Legacy licenses?

To view the expiration date of your CSP Legacy licenses, select the desired license in the isolutions Marketplace. In the blue tab above, you can see the expiration date.


In the shown example, the license expires on 12.19.2023. Since the automatic conversion to the NCE annual license does not start until 2024, this license would be extended and would be automatically converted to an NCE annual license on 12.19.2024. If no annual license is desired, it is of course possible to manually select the preferred license model before expiration.

 isolutions Marketplace: Beispiel einer Maske mit Legacy Ablösung
 isolutions Marketplace: Beispiel einer Maske mit neuer Lizenz

How do I convert the CSP legacy licenses?

Unless all CSP Legacy licenses are to be automatically converted to annual licenses, we recommend that you convert the licenses yourself via the isolutions Marketplace on November 2023 in order to select the desired term.


To ensure a smooth license assignment of the users, it is recommended to purchase the equivalent NCE license via the isolutions Marketplace first. This ensures that users can continue to work without interruption. In case of a 1:1 replacement of a CSP legacy license with a CSP NCE license, the licenses are automatically assigned to the respective users and a new assignment in the Microsoft 365 Admincenter or Azure Portal is not necessary. 

For easy conversion, it is recommended to copy the name of the CSP Legacy license to be replaced and to search for the corresponding NCE license via the search function.

Cancellation of CSP Legacy License

 isolutions Marketplace: Beispiel einer Maske mit Legacy Kündigung

Once the new NCE license has been successfully purchased in the isolutions Marketplace and is displayed on the left side, you can cancel the previous CSP Legacy license.


CSP Legacy licenses can be cancelled on a daily basis. When you cancel a CSP Legacy license, you will only be charged the pro-rated amount up to the cancellation date. This means that you only pay for the time actually used.

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