Conversion of Non-Profit and Education CSP Licenses from November 2023

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Microsoft lowers Cloud License Prices in Switzerland

Starting in November 2023, Microsoft will roll out the New Commerce Experience (NCE) to nonprofit and education customers, who will need to convert their CSP legacy licenses to NCE.

After the changeover has already taken place for the Commercial CSP licenses in spring 2022, Microsoft is now also changing the licenses for nonprofit and education customers. The NCE licenses behave analogously to the commercial licenses, whereby the prices for annual licenses remain the same and monthly licenses are 20% higher than the annual licenses. In addition, there will be the option to purchase selected licenses as 3-year licenses. In 2024, Microsoft will then discontinue CSP Legacy licenses completely, requiring a switch to NCE licenses.

What does this mean for nonprofit and education customers?

What does the changeover in the nonprofit and education sector mean for purely commercial customers?

For all companies that do not have nonprofit or education status, this has no impact.

What does the conversion mean for nonprofit and education customers?

Licenses must now be converted from CSP Legacy to NCE. If the adjustment is not completed by the expiration of the respective CSP Legacy license in 2024, Microsoft will automatically convert the licenses to annual licenses.

What is the impact of switching from CSP Legacy licenses to NCE licenses?

For more information on the full phase-out of CSP Legacy licenses in 2024, click here. 

End of CSP Legacy Licenses

What does it mean concretely?

isolutions Marketplace: Beispiel einer Maske auf der Startseite des Marketplaces für Nonprofit und Education

You are unsure about the effects?

We'll use our example to explain how and when the changeover should take place. In the picture next to it, the license expires on 12.02.2024. If the license is not replaced by an NCE license by the end of 2023, it will automatically be converted to an NCE annual license. 

If you do not want an automatic NCE annual license, we recommend that you convert the license yourself in the isolutions Marketplace in November 2023. There you can select the desired term yourself.

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