Maximum User Satisfaction through Digital Experience Management

Digital Experience Management as a Booster for Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Digital Experience Management (DEM) describes the comprehensive approach to managing and optimizing the digital employee experience in a company. It includes strategies, technologies and measures that improve employee satisfaction, productivity and engagement when using digital tools and technologies.

To enable companies to offer their employees the best possible workplace, the DEM examines and measures various aspects of the employee experience. Among other things, it analyzes the usability of applications, the performance of IT systems, the efficiency of processes and workflows, and support and training in the use of digital tools. By managing the digital employee experience, companies can increase the effectiveness of their workflows, improve employee retention and enhance employee satisfaction. By integrating DEX tools, companies can incorporate feedback mechanisms to analyze and improve the employee experience.

Overall, digital experience management aims to optimize the digital work environment for employees and boost their productivity, satisfaction and retention.

Factors for Digital Experience Management

6 Reasons for the Importance of Digital Experience Management

  • Increases productivity: A positive digital employee experience has a significant impact on productivity. User-friendly and efficient tools enable a more effective way of working.
  • Strengthens employee engagement: Digital tools that address the employee experience drive engagement and satisfaction. Employees feel more connected to their work and the company.
  • Improves collaboration: Modern collaboration tools enable effective, location-independent work. As a result, employees have the ability to successfully implement cross-location projects with the necessary human resources.
  • Reduces turnover: A positive digital employee experience contributes to employee retention. When employees have the tools and support they need to do their jobs, they are more likely to stay with the company.
  • Saves costs: Easy-to-use and efficient tools reduce the need for support and training, saving time and resources.
  • Creates competitive advantage: Organizations that prioritize the digital employee experience can score points in the highly competitive market for top talent. Increased employee satisfaction also reduces turnover, which saves costs.

Measurement Tools

Tools for Measuring and Improving the Digital Employee Experience

There are several approaches and products to measure and optimize the digital experience of employees in your organization.

  • Real-time monitoring: Tools that monitor the performance of applications, infrastructure and user experience in real time.
  • User-centric analytics: Integrated tools that analyze the end-to-end digital experience of users and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Multi-channel monitoring: solutions that support monitoring across multiple channels such as web, mobile and other digital channels.
  • Root cause analysis: products that provide root cause insights to identify and resolve performance issues.
  • Automated troubleshooting: tools that provide automated processes for common user issues.
  • Integration with other tools: Products that integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, such as with ServiceNow.
  • Proactive identification: Solutions that incorporate proactive analytics capabilities, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence for early detection of performance issues.

Support by isolutions

What does isolutions contribute?


isolutions, the largest dedicated Microsoft one-stop store in Switzerland, goes beyond building modern digital workplaces. With Riverbed's innovative Alluvio software, we can also measure and help improve the digital experience of employees.Thanks to the partnership with Riverbed, we enable a comprehensive assessment of the digital experience employees have when using technology. Alluvio accurately analyzes the performance and efficiency of applications, networks and endpoints in real time.

By accurately measuring and assessing the digital experience, we can identify weaknesses and bottlenecks that could impact productivity. We can then take targeted action to address these issues and optimize the performance of the digital workplace.

The integration of Alluvio into our portfolio underscores our commitment to delivering world-class digital work environments. By continuously monitoring and improving the employee digital experience, we are creating a work environment that is focused on efficiency, ease of use and satisfaction.

With this advanced technology, we continue to position ourselves as a pioneer in digital transformation. We offer our customers not only the ability to create innovative digital workplaces, but also the tools to continuously optimize the employee experience.Thanks to the combination of our extensive expertise as a Microsoft partner and Riverbed's powerful software solution Alluvio, we are now able to offer our customers a comprehensive and holistic solution to measure and improve the digital experience.

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Roman Feierabend

Business Unit Lead - Cloud Services
Eidg. dipl. Informatiker, Executive MBA
Roman Feierabend