Change Management - Your Employees deserve it

Change Management

Do we need change management? And what does that have to do with employee experience anyway? Your employees, one of the most important assets in the company, need attention when it comes to change.

The connection between employee experience and change management is quickly found: Both put people at the center.

Why is a good employee experience important? Because it satisfies the employees and binds them to the company! Employees enjoy coming to work and feel good. In addition, «happy employees» automatically ensure «happy customers» - your company benefits several times over. A bad employee experience leads to dissatisfaction, frustration and often results in resignations. The employees «flee». This means that important knowledge is lost and a costly recruiting process has to be started.

A good employee experience addresses multiple issues that a person experiences before, during and after employment: The recruiting and onboarding process, development during the job (career) and a clean offboarding. Employees should feel picked up at all stages. In addition, the «trappings» are also important: A modern workplace (furniture, lighting, etc.), up-to-date hardware and software, social benefits, fringe benefits, parking or public transport participation, coffee corner, team events, etc. - things that an employee encounters in his or her daily working life and that ensure a good experience with the employer.

Change Management

An excellent employee experience also includes how well a company deals with changes that affect its employees. Employees are constantly confronted with changes in their daily work. Be it a new collaboration tool, a reorganization, a change in management, a move to new office premises, new access to WLAN or a new coffee machine.

Timothy R. Clark

Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.

Employees will be enthusiastic if changes are actively accompanied. Use this opportunity to leave a lasting good (even better: excellent) impression on the people you employ! Inform the target group (communication), empower them adequately (training), get the management on board (management support) and measure how well the change was accepted (KPI).

Adoption & Change Management