Efficient licence usage in D365: focus on cost optimisation and compliance

Reduce costs, increase acceptance: Unleash the potential of D365 licence management

D365 licences offer far more than just a formal necessity: they are the key to significant cost optimisation and higher user acceptance. At the same time, they challenge us to master Microsoft's licence conditions. Find out here why it's worth taking a closer look and how you can benefit from licence consulting.

D365 licence types

Find the right licence for your company

Microsoft's pricing model is based on the number of user licences per app. Clever licence selection can significantly reduce costs. Our analyses show that a few full access licences are often sufficient, depending on the size of the company, while some users are satisfied with limited access.

If your company uses D365 Customer Engagement Suite, the licence types vary. Here is an overview:


For smaller companies with a limited budget that require basic CRM functionalities.


Suitable for larger companies with extended requirements and customer specific adaptations, including context related AI supported insights.

Premium (only in D365 Sales)

For larger companies with additional system requirements and the need for customisable AI supported functions.


Marketing tenant based licences in combination with other customer engagement apps.

Power Apps & Compliance

Use of Power Apps for CRM applications

The choice of licence depends on several factors, including the required functionality of the CRM.

In B2B sales, smart use of Dynamics and Power Apps licences can save up to 60% on annual licence costs. By adapting the standard setup to customised applications on the Power platform, there are initial additional costs, but this investment is amortised through long term savings and increased user acceptance, as the system is better tailored to sales staff.


Ensure compliance in the Microsoft area

D365 licences can pose compliance risks. Adhering to Microsoft's licence conditions, such as the ban on mixing Professional and Enterprise licences, is a challenge. Targeted licence consulting creates a secure basis and helps to prevent potentially severe sanctions.

How we help

How we can help you

Graphic of the roadmap in the licence consultation

We at isolutions are happy to support you with comprehensive licence consulting to help you find the optimal, cost efficient and compliant licence requirements for your company's individual situation. Our consulting process includes


  1. Taking stock of licensing and discussing the company's objectives: We take stock of your current situation and discuss what goals you want to achieve with your CRM.
  2. Researching the user groups: We analyse the user groups, their requirements and create a list of the licences actually required.
  3. Presentation of the results on licence compliance and cost saving opportunities: We present our results to you in a joint meeting.
  4. Discussion of the next steps for implementing the new licensing variant: Together we plan the technical implementation to realise the licence savings.

Discover the potential of your D365 licences with us and ensure compliance, increased user acceptance and cost optimisation at the same time.

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