Cybersecurity Month

Cybersecurity Month 2024

For the 3rd time in a row, isolutions Cybersecurity Month will take place in May. This year we are also opening the program to external participants. The aim of this campaign is to increase awareness and knowledge of cybersecurity and security issues.

Throughout the month of May, knowledge sharing events and sessions by isolutions experts and external speakers will provide the opportunity to gain a better and deeper understanding of these topics.

Security and Privacy

Protecting Privacy in the digital Era

The motto of this year's Cybersecurity Month is «Privacy please!». In today's digital world, privacy is under constant attack - whether we realize it or not. Privacy is the guardian of our personal boundaries, protecting us from unwarranted intrusion and preserving our autonomy. It gives us the ability to control our information, protect our reputation and maintain a sense of dignity in a connected world.


Event Series in May

With our series of events, we want to raise awareness of cyber security and protection against attacks. At the events, various experts and professionals will provide you with information about possible risks, how you can protect yourself and educate you.

isolutions Cybersecurity Month 2024 im Mai


Privacy on the Internet

Dive into the world of digital self-defense! Our experts have put together a variety of tools and tricks to protect your privacy in the digital jungle - from browser add-ons and guides to comprehensive privacy tool collections. Protect your data and information from unwanted surveillance and misuse.

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