Cybersecurity Month 2024: Open Source Intelligence & Privacy

Dive into the fascinating world of cybersecurity with Borna Cisar, Head of Cybersecurity at isolutions, and Christoph Ratavaara, CISO at isolutions. Together they embark on a mission to explore the digital labyrinths, uncover hidden traces and decode secrets.

The event offers you the unique opportunity to be up close and personal when two experts put their skills to the test. Borna and Christoph will use open source intelligence, i.e. the collection of information from publicly accessible sources, to create a fictitious attack.

As part of Cybersecurity Month, experience how the experts use their skills and expertise to overcome the challenges of the digital world. Register now and join them as they reveal truths and provide insights into the complex world of cybersecurity.

Borna Cisar

Head of Cybersecurity


Christoph Ratavaara

Chief Information Security Officer


Further Events

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Kind mit Tablet im Cyberraum, dass von einem Hacker angegriffen wird

08.05.2024 | Sharenting & Child Protection

Milena Thalmann from White Rabbit Communications and Matea Petrovic from Child Protection Switzerland talk to us about sharenting. Learn from experts how you can protect your children's privacy in the digital world and gain insights into the topic of sharenting.


To the Event

Cloud-Computing-Technologie-Konzept. Futuristische Illustration durch AI generiert.

21.05.2024 | Data Protection Analysis from Scratch

Learn how you as an SME can meet the minimum requirements of data protection. Dominik Meier, IT Strategy Consultant at isolutions, shares his experience and practical insights into Swiss data protection.



Cybersecurity Hacker vor Laptop mit Code und Power Button auf dem Rücken

22.05.2024 | Ensuring Privacy in the Age of LLMs

Protecting personal data from AI-driven analytics is crucial. Alberto Barrado, Cybersecurity Analyst, shows you the basics of data processing by LLMs.


12.00 am Welcome
12.10 am Open Source Intelligence & Privacy (EN)
12.50 am Q&A


Friday, 17.05.2024



12.00 am - 01.00 pm



isolutions, Schanzenstrasse 4c, 3008 Bern
Webinar via Microsoft Teams 




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