Employee Experience demystified - what Gen Z really wants from an Employer

Employee Experience für Gen Z in einem Büro

04. June 2024 @ 16.00 -  20.00

Honestly now: what does it really take to be an attractive employer? Everyone is talking about employee experience, Gen Z, the wishes of the younger generation, the modern workplace... So many statements, so many passwords - but let's get specific! At our event, we want to do just that: show you what is actually needed and what is not. And discuss it with you.

Every employer today is faced with the challenge of designing a modern workplace to meet the needs of current employees and fulfill the expectations of Generation Z. This young generation, which has grown up with digital technology, has very specific requirements for their workplace and expects an experience - yes, also called employee experience - that reflects their needs and values. And here we come straight to the point: employers need to bridge the gap between traditional ways of working and the preferences of Generation Z. This requires a combination of three key elements: Culture, Technology and Workplace.

In our event, we will address precisely these three elements and show you what a contemporary corporate culture is from the perspective of young talent. Yannick Blätter, expert and founder of Neoviso, knows all about this and introduces us to the mindset of Generation Z. Technology also plays a central role. Generation Z is used to working with the latest digital tools and platforms. Companies should therefore invest in innovative technologies that increase productivity and facilitate collaboration. Simon Amrein, Lead Modern Work at isolutions, shows us what is important here and which tools are suitable for this. In addition, an attractive physical workplace is more important than some people think when it comes to promoting exchange and creativity. The workplace should be inspiring and motivating. Patrick Waldis, CEO and owner of berry AG, knows what makes a modern office design.

Come along, be inspired by our keynotes and join the discussion with us.
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Yannick Blättler

Founder & CEO


Simon Amrein

Business Unit Lead - Modern Work


Patrick Waldis

CEO & Owner

berry AG

04.00 pm Entrance | Welcome Drink
04.30 pm Culture: What Gen Z really wants
04.50 pm Technology: Increasing Collaboration and Efficiency
05.10 pm Workplace: What is a modern Workplace?
05.30 pm Panel Discussion | Q&A
06.15 pm Apero & Networking
08.00 pm End


Thursday, 04.06.2024



04.30 - 08.00 pm



isolutions, The Circle 38, Zurich Airport

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