The annual Kick-off 2022

SnowBootCamp 2022

With our annual kick-off, we briefly look back at the biggest milestones of the past year and get in the mood as a crew for the exciting projects in the new year.

isolutions annual Kick-off 2022

In the first week of January, the whole isolutions crew will come together and start the year in our annual isolutions kick-off. Benedikt Meier, Business Unit Lead Modern Work at isolutions, takes you along in this blog.


Annual Kick-off 2022

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - You take another deep breath and then you see the director's finger pointing at you. The red «On Air» light flickers on and you know that the Annual kick-off 2022 has started!

For the past 20 years or so, the isolutions crew has started their year with a big kick-off event together. We all come together and swear us in for the new year. We look back on the past year, work together on strategies and define our goals for the year. Workshops, speeches, challenges - the batteries are fully charged for the new year. But above all, there is a lot of laughing, playing, drinking, dancing and a lot more.

It is tradition that we do this in fresh alpine air high in the majestic and inspiring mountain world of the Alps. That's how our kick-off came by its evocative name: SnowBootCamp.

This year, everything is a little different. As in 2021, it was unfortunately not possible for us to gather all 200 employees in one place to light the fire of the new year together. But we will not let ourselves be deprived of it completely. So we sent the kick-off into the living rooms of every single employee at home. From the camera studio in the Circle, the images traveled all the way to Barcelona to ignite the spirit of SnowBootCamp.

For me, a unique situation. Speaking into the lens of a camera is much harder than I would have imagined. The adrenaline shoots higher when you speak, but it's strange that no direct feedback comes back from the distant office chairs and sofas. And yet, the event can light a fire! It feels like we are starting something big and new.

After the review and outlook for all of isolutions in the morning, we spend the afternoon in virtual togetherness in the business units. In the team call, I finally see all the faces of my crew. In retrospectives, discussions and break-out rooms, we work as a team on our common way forward. It's really fun to see the fantastic ideas and feedback coming from the whole crew and to shape our future together.

After an eventful, inspiring day, the crew has another beer together remotely. Someone drops a table bomb. It feels like complete success! Everyone sits in front of the screen. No one is wearing moon boots. And still it was a great «SnowBootCamp».

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