isolutions is the third best employer in Switzerland!

isolutions climbs the Podium

The lived culture and the unique team spirit at isolutions are convincing! The renowned international agency Great Place to Work awards isolutions 3rd place in the medium-sized companies category.

After fourth place last year, isolutions now climbs onto the podium with over 200 employees. In an industry comparison, isolutions even achieved first place as a «software company»!

The Great Place to Work Institute examines and honours exemplary workplace cultures in more than 45 countries worldwide. To determine the ranking, employees are anonymously surveyed on topics such as credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team orientation.

Trust Index of 97%
isolutions achieved a sensational trust index of 97% in the survey!

Great Place to Work Award

Drei isolutions Mitarbeitende bei der Fotowall des Great Place To Work Awards 2024
Great Place To Work 2024 Verleihung auf der Bühne
Great Place To Work 2024 Pokal mit einem lachenden Gesicht im Hintergrund
Great Place To Work 2024 Plakat bei der Auszeichnung

We are convinced that empowered, satisfied and committed employees create a corporate culture that provides the best possible answers to the many challenges of the future and thus successfully navigates our customers through the digital transformation. Our employees are the heart of isolutions. Their motivation and commitment are the key to our success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic crew!

Through continuous training, a supportive working environment and the promotion of innovation, we create an atmosphere in which every single employee can flourish. Together, we not only overcome the challenges of today, but also actively shape the future and ensure the sustainable success of our customers in an ever-changing digital world.

Josua Regez, CEO of isolutions, is delighted with the award

Portrait von Josua Regez, CEO isolutions

«We are delighted with this podium position and take it as confirmation of our unique corporate culture, which we have been able to develop further despite - or perhaps because of - our growth. We believe that empowered and satisfied employees make our customers successful and that these successful customers enable our growth.»

Alle isolutions Mitarbeitende, welche die Hände nach oben heben

Do you want to have a positive impact on the future of yourself, the isolutions team and our customers? We look forward to meeting you!