isolutions annual Kick-off 2023

Let's kick it off!

The coffee machines are humming in Zurich's Westhive as the isolutions crew gathers in the urban style coworking space. Music and bass in the background, excited employees and coffee with croissants create a great atmosphere to kick off our annual kickoff 2024. The countdown to the opening is almost overheard by the exciting conversations of the crew, but then it starts!

Jahreskickoff 2024 Video

isolutions annual kick-off 2024

CEO Inspiration

Josua Regez, CEO isolutions, auf der Bühne über die isolutions Vision
Benjamin Regez, Co-Founder isolutions, auf der Bühne über die Vision von isolutions

Josua Regez, our CEO, opens the annual kick-off. It was clear from the very first words that the team at isolutions is at the forefront.


Under the motto: «Keeping the Winning Spirit», the founders Josua and Benjamin Regez open this year's annual kickoff! It is immediately clear that we as a team want to sail successfully into the future with our new 2027 vision and the modern, self-designed hydrofoil sailing ship. Inspired by the team spirit, the passion, the brutal honesty in dealing with strengths and weaknesses, the Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team is doing everything it can to win the American's Cup again this year after more than a decade. And this is exactly what we want for the coming year: bolder, faster, stronger - isolutions wants to grow and win the future for our customers and ourselves with our strong team. Despite all the difficulties, what gives our customers peace of mind? Our team. We can't control developments in the world, but we can control what we do every day. As a team, we make the difference and want to inspire our customers.

Our isolutions Heroes

Our isolutions Heroes

Those who learn from the review can make their outlook even more successful. And that's why we eagerly listen to the findings from the annual review. One of the most important aspects of the review is always the celebration of our Isolutions Heroes. We celebrate the extraordinary achievements of people who have given their all for their team, their fellow human beings and the further development of isolutions. The cheers are huge when our isolutions Heroes 2023 - Sara Neuenschwander and Michael Lutz - step on stage and accept their well-deserved award! What incredibly great people who make the difference! We congratulate them both from the bottom of our hearts and say thank you!

isolutions Heroes 2024

The isolutions Heroes

Keynote Noah Heynen

Keynote Noah Heynen, CEO & Co-Founder Helion

Noah Heynen, CEO von Helion, auf der Bühne über erneuerbare Energie
Noah Heynen, CEO Helion, auf der Bühne

Silence falls for a moment. Now the floor belongs to our customer. Noah Heyen, founder and CEO of Helion, takes the stage as guest speaker. Helion is one of the industry leaders in photovoltaics and is the largest installer of solar systems, heat pumps and e-mobility in Switzerland. The problem with the electricity of the future is clear: We don't have enough. «WTF is the problem?» asks Noah. We listen intently to his solutions, characterized by personal anecdotes, a lot of passion for the topic of solar and energy and his extraordinary stage presence. The solution is presented to us with clarity. Because in his eyes, we are the generation that should have known.

Business Tracks

Business Tracks

Working Session eines Teams über das Thema Biz Apps
Working Session an der fünf Herren teilnehmen
Teamfoto von Sales, Marketing und Account Management bei isolutions

After a large portion of inspiration, followed by a crisp coffee break, everyone moves on to the respective business unit tracks. Each team retreats to break-out rooms and completes its own program. The aim is to discuss the review and outlook in smaller, topic-relevant teams and to visually define the goals for 2024.

Vision Speed Dating: The Pitches

Vision Speed Dating: The Pitches

Vier Herren auf der Bühne singen einen Song über ihre Dienstleistung
Adrian Hummel auf der Bühne über das Consulting bei isoltuions

Let the games begin! Graduation is approaching and the business unit pitches are due. In just five minutes, each business unit can present its creatively compiled goals for 2024 to the whole crew. There are no limits to creativity. There is rapping («MCS is daaa»), AI-based images and visions are drawn, the plastic deco plant is taken on stage... the time flies by. Even during the breaks, the presentations are broken up with a competition and great prizes are drawn. The main winner can even take home the latest Playstation with a big smile on his face.

Josua concludes the kick-off with a big thank you to the entire crew. Passion, trust and curiosity are the values that we bring to isolutions, that we uphold and that will allow us to sail successfully into the future. We toasted the occasion at dinner with various food trucks, a cozy get-together and an exuberant party including a DJ. All in all, the isolutions annual kickoff was not only informative, but also entertaining and inspiring - a perfect mix for a successful start to 2024! And yes, the rap and dance moves are an essential and unique part of our "winning spirit"!

Alle isolutions Mitarbeitende, welche die Hände nach oben heben

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