BeachBootCamp 2022

Boarding completed. Ready for take-off. With these words the first BeachBootCamp in the history of isolutions started. The entire crew of around 200 employees met in June in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona. The goal was to analyze exciting customer cases, develop innovative ideas for the future of isolutions and our customers, exchange ideas and get to know each other better.

Since the opening of the isolutions office in Barcelona, the dream has existed: Someday the entire isolutions crew will fly to Barcelona and discuss, tinker and celebrate together on the beach. This year, our founders have made this dream come true for us.

BeachBootCamp 2022

isolutions BeachBootCamp

BeachBootCamp Leaders

Kick-off Management Board

Already on Monday, the Management Board met at the «Beach Front Line»in Barcelona and, within the framework of the annual retreat, further developed the isolutions vision, discussed possible opportunities in Barcelona and dealt with strategic topics in greater depth. A great surprise was the visit to Ypsomed in the heart of the city. The office visit and especially the cordial exchange with Rafael Navajo, General Manager at Ypsomed, inspired the Management Board to new ideas and actions. Especially the learnings and best practices of Rafael regarding a successful cooperation of the Swiss crew with the employees in Barcelona were internalized with great interest by the Management Board. Of course, challenges such as hiring strategies, retention measures and corporate culture were also hotly discussed.

BeachBootCamp Leaders


The focus of the retreat was also on being together and getting to know each other better. During the social activity part of the retreat, the members of the management board competed in kayak boats on the sea with a lot of fun and high ambitions and gave each other a water challenge.

isolutions is strongly committed to the empowerment of the leadership team. Therefore, the entire leadership team was challenged to an ambitious outdoor challenge under the motto #winningteam. Of course, this was done under the direction of a leadership coach so that experiences, learnings and best practices could be discussed and reflected upon.

BeachBootCamp Josua Regez

Kick-off with our CEO

After these first management and leadership days, the entire isolutions company gathered in Barcelona and was ready for the BeachBootCamp 2022. On Thursday, the time had come and Chantal Metzger, Head of People & Culture, opened the event, warmly welcomed the crew and was overwhelmed with a thunderous applause. As project manager of the entire BeachBootCamp, she addressed the first words to the employees and they could hardly contain their joy. The kick-off was successful and we continued with the inspiring key note from our CEO and co-founder Josua Regez. «If you dream it, you can do it» - with these words and an inviting call to dream bigger than we can imagine, the starting signal for BeachBootCamp was given.

Business Speed Dating

After traditional Spanish tapas and a lot of (really a lot of) laughter and hearty exchanges, the vision speed datings started. The employees could participate in 4 of 6 sessions according to their interest and gain insights into the strategic topics of isolutions. During 20 minutes, the keynote speakers explained what each topic is about and how we can use this to more actively shape the future of our customers.

The Topics

  • Cybersecurity
  • Consulting to be different
  • WaaS, AOaaS, XaaS
  • WSFT (We shape the future)
  • Skill Model
  • Excellence in Communication

After the informative and inspiring vision speed datings, the employees gathered in their respective business units to end the evening with individual programs such as a GoCar tour through Barcelona, a sailing tour or beach volleyball on the beach.

On Friday morning, all employees gathered in the hotel lobby early in the morning and were ready for the upcoming keynote speeches by Chris Friedemann Dickhaus, Franz Immer and Daniel Arber.


Chris Friedemann Dickhaus

Managing Partner at digitalpurpose

PD Dr. med. Franz Immer

Cardiovascular Consultant | Medical Director | CEO


Daniel Arber

CEO and Founder of Daniel Arber Consulting

Business Hackathon

On Friday afternoon, the time had finally come and David Schneider, our CEO of Barcelona, opened the first isolutions Business Hackathon, in which the entire crew participated. In the weeks leading up to BeachBootCamp, various customers were contacted to find out what challenges they were currently facing. The goal of the Business Hackathon was to develop innovative solutions for the existing business challenges in interdisciplinary teams during four hours. The focus was not on the technology, but on understanding the customer's business and the challenges to be solved.

The various teams were divided across all roles and departments. During four hours, they diligently discussed, sketched and already developed the first prototypes. It was very exciting to see how the partly unknown team members inspired and motivated each other within a very short time. The resulting solutions were then presented to the jury in an elevator pitch in the semi-finals. The grand finale was approaching and the tension was rising. The best teams from each challenge presented their solution in plenary and the whole crew could vote on the best pitch via app. A day full of inspiration, innovation and for us another step to actively shape the future of our customers. #weshapethefuture

We saved the big fireworks for last.
After an exciting and lively hackathon, several buses were already waiting to transport the whole company to our party location on the beach in Barcelona. True to isolutions' tradition, the end of such an event was celebrated properly. The whole crew celebrated, danced and laughed until late in the evening.

Back in our offices we are inspired by the different sessions and keynote speeches, motivated by the exchange with our colleagues and a bit wistful looking at the memories made.

Do you want to be part of this adventurous journey and be part of the next isolutions company event? Then get in touch with us and get to know us better in an informal atmosphere.


Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.

Chantal Metzger

Federal Diploma in Human Resources and Lawyer MLaw
Chantal Metzger