Scrum Master in a Day

Agile Gladiators: Become a Scrum Master in one Day

Scrum Master in a Day: The Path to becoming a certified Scrum Master

Digitalization presents companies with new technological and social challenges. Market services are to be produced ever more efficiently and agilely. This calls for new skills - such as those of a Scrum Master. The development of an agile corporate culture is also becoming increasingly important and is crucial for long-term success. Only those who are agile can adapt and react to changes.

Scrum is an agile framework that helps teams and organizations create adaptive solutions to complex problems. In this, the Scrum Master is a key supporter in introducing and supporting agile principles and practices, fostering team dynamics, removing obstacles, and increasing efficiency, collaboration, and quality.

Want to become a scrum master? Or implement Scrum at your company? Get to know the tools of an agile way of working? Then the Scrum Master in a Day from isolutions is just the right thing for you. The day course is the right start and the best preparation for your Scrum Master certification exam.


Scrum Master

What is a Scrum Master?

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A Scrum Master is one of the key roles in agile project delivery and is responsible for promoting and implementing agile practices in a Scrum team. As a Scrum Master, you are a professional who coaches the team, facilitates all communication, and fosters collaboration between leadership and the team to achieve efficiency and a successful outcome. Your role is to create a productive work environment to support others. In doing so, a Scrum Master takes on the role of coach, mentor and facilitator. In parallel, a Scrum Master supports the product owner and the organization to understand agility and to integrate it in a beneficial way in everyday life.

Scrum Master in a Day

What you learn in Scrum Master in a Day Course

Scrum Master in a Day is a one-day training course that trains you to become a Scrum Master. As a participant you will learn to better understand and apply the practices and methods of Scrum. With theory, exercises and practical examples you will gain a concrete understanding of the tasks of a Scrum Master and acquire all the necessary skills.

Important tasks of a Scrum Master are the adherence to Scrum events like daily meetings, sprint reviews and sprint plannings for efficiency in the team. The promotion of transparency and the ability of the team to recognize potential for improvement and to adapt to new situations in an agile manner are also part of the tasks of a Scrum Master. In the isolutions Scrum Master in a Day course we teach you the following:

  • Agile mindset
  • Scrum framework
  • Self-management and building cross-functional teams
  • Influencing and removing obstacles
  • Facilitating collaboration with stakeholders
  • Execution of successful projects
  • Techniques for achieving project goals
  • Coaching, mentoring, consulting and facilitation skills
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After completing this one-day course, you'll have everything you need to take the Scrum Master exam.



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Become a Scrum Master in one Day


  • Block 1: Overview agility and Scrum
    • Agile thinking
    • Purpose and Scrum framework
  • Block 2: Scrum theory and values
    • Roots of Scrum
    • Values and meaning of Scrum
  • Block 3: Scrum teams
    • Composition of a Scrum team
    • Responsibilities of the developer, product owner and Scrum master


  • Block 4: Scrum events
    • Purpose of Scrum events
    • Describing and setting up Scrum events
  • Block 5: Scrum artifacts
    • Transparency creating artifacts
    • Goals of the artifacts
  • Block 6: Open assessment
    • Quiz with exam questions

More information

Everything you need to know about the Course

Target group

Scrum Master, Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, New Scrum Team Member - anyone who wants to learn about agile process methods and Scrum or wants to get certified.


No prerequisite necessary. 
The number of participants is limited to 12 in order to really have time for the participants and to be able to respond to individual needs.


The day course is conducted in German.


Takes place alternately in the isolutions offices in Zurich and Bern. 


1'400 CHF incl. meals and examination fee.


After this course you will be ready for the Scrum Master certification exam and will receive a voucher for the exam fee at You can take the exam directly at There are no fixed dates. 

Dates for registration can be found here.

Melanie Wackenhut

Business Development Manager

«You guys did a great job and it was a very entertaining day, especially with all the interactions and very good discussions.»

Sibylle Arni

Project Manager Senior

«I found the day course with you really brilliant, with a huge passion for the subject to the point and explained with super examples tangible.»

Theresa Hammer

Business Consultant

«The course with you was interesting. The reference to the reality in the working world was also instructive in order to realize that Scrum starts directly here and helps. A super preparation for the exam.»


We show you how to become an agile Rock Star

Reto Rüetschi

Team Lead


Michael Lutz

Project Manager



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