Copilot in the Cockpit: A safe Flight through AI

Hände tippen etwas auf einem Smart Phone, im Hintergrund ist ein Laptop

21. March 2024 @ 16.00 -  18.00

Roger Halbheer

Chief Security Advisor


Philipp Hunold

Lead Security Consultant


Borna Cisar

Head of Cybersecurity


Microsoft Copilot is an innovative option that can empower employees. However, it requires a conscious approach. The importance of security when using Microsoft Copilot is obvious. This AI tool has the ability to access a variety of resources and information. This poses potential risks with regard to sensitive data.

When planning and implementing Microsoft Copilot, it is crucial to consider the principles of security. Paying attention to security is also important because Copilot transfers data between the local system and Microsoft's servers. It is important to ensure that this data transfer is encrypted and secured to minimize potential risks of data leakage or unauthorized access. We therefore discuss best practices for the secure use of AI and shed light on what distinguishes Copilot from ChatGPT. We also go behind the scenes and show how AI tools can be misused and how you can protect your company.

Want to find out more? Then our webinar is just right for you. We'll show you what you need to consider and how security and data protection aspects can minimize potential risks right from the start.

04.00 pm Welcome & Icrebraker
04.05 pm Microsoft Copilot
04.20 pm Best Practices for the safe Use of Copilot
04.45 pm On the dark Side of AI
05.00 pm Q&A
05.15 pm Breakout Sessions
06.00 pm End


Thursday, 21.03.2024



04.00 - 06.00 pm



Webinar via Microsoft Teams 




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