AI as a Partner: How AI is Transforming Jobs, not eliminating them!

KI in Form eines Roboters spricht mit einer Person

17. April 2024 @ 11.00 -  11.45

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not an enemy, but a valuable partner for companies. By using AI as a partner, you can not only achieve efficiency gains and cost savings in your working environment, but also open up new business opportunities and drive innovation.

It is crucial to recognize that artificial intelligence should no longer be seen as a threat, but rather as a potential. In this exciting webinar, we will show you how AI can not only become your partner, but a driver for your work processes. An outstanding example of the successful integration of AI is Careum's practical example in the healthcare sector. Careum has managed to counteract the existing shortage of skilled workers through the intelligent use of AI and has found ways to improve patient care and relieve the burden on staff.

In the webinar, we will also look beyond the full potential of AI. In connection with well-known applications such as ChatGPT and Copilot, we will show you what else AI can offer! We will analyze the different use cases of ChatGPT and Copilot and show you how Prompt Engineering opens up further potential for new applications. Be inspired by innovative solutions and future-oriented technologies and find out how you too can make AI a partner in your company.

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Charitini Karadamou, Projektleiterin bei Careum

Charitini Karadamou

Project Manager


Martin Schreiber

Senior Business Consultant


11.00 am Intro
11.05 am Best Practice Careum
11.25 am The full Potential of AI
11.40 am Q&A


Wednesday, 17.04.2024



11.00 - 11.45 am



Webinar via Microsoft Teams

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